The Cure for The Missing Father Syndrome


I know you have heard that special quote that reminds you that it is not how you start but how you end that really matters in life. Hmmm, do you actually believe that to be 100% true? If you do, I am here to rescue you. The beginning of ALL relationship matters! In fact, it is so crucial that it should never be subjected insignificance as this is how most relationships falter. Much attention is not paid to the initial stages of a relationship because people tend to use their emotions as a guide and as a means to depict the next stage ignoring the little signs.  I am here to unleash the secret on which men capitalize on and why women give their all and receive nothing. 
Just like how a predator can detect fear from its prey, so can humans. Men know that women, most women, are emotional and they creep their way in by that slight weakness. One very important factor to note is the open door of the MISSING FATHER! According to researches done, the statistics have shown that women who were abused or who tend to cling to abusive and non-progressive relationships, are those that had an open door of the father-figure either being there but plays no role or missing completely in action. Without a father figure, females end up, most times, being insecure, unstable in emotions and tend to be easily led.


If you suffer from the disease of the missing father, I am here to HELP.


Here is the recipe:
          Accept who you are, where you are at in your life. When you do this, start cleaning up your life. Don’t put a Band-Aid over your scars and wounds! No! Get treatment. Do so by letting go of the people that are not good for you! You might have a huge issue with this step as you may not know how to walk away. I will teach you. Simply do this – change your number, change your address. How to distance yourself from negative energy and people is to stay away from it!  Bishop TD Jakes quoted in one of his sermons that the best way to win a battle with the devil is to stay out of the ring. He can’t fight someone who is not in the ring. However it doesn’t mean you have won. You have to protect yourself so the things that used to happen, won’t anymore! Guard yourself by letting people and things that are not good for you go!
          FORGIVE. Yes forgive. Even those that hurt you. Forgiveness is for you to let negative energy out of your life.
          Spend time with you. A lot of persons don’t and this is the step that the recipe stops working. Pay close attention to this 1.We tend to want to always be around others as a means to validate you or make you feel wanted and special. But the best way to build a healthy relationship whether intimate or otherwise, is build one first with yourself. Date yourself! I know it sounds crazy and ridiculous but trust, you will grow into your own once you activate this golden ingredient. Also, in dating yourself, you will know what is best for you and what you are truly looking for when seeking out a lifetime partner.
          Build a relationship with GOD!!! The best way to find peace in all decisions is to have God in the seat of decision. Whether you are religious or not, you need GOD! He is the peace that passes all human understandings. Trust me on this 1, if you seek God on a major decision you are about to make, Heaven will respond. Life wasn’t made, even though God gave free will, to live according to how you want. There are laws and rules that govern the earth and shapes how the world operates. Although you are entitle to live the way you desire, God must not be ignored or neglected. When you do this, you will cut off your life-support and you will make horrid decisions that will mar you for a lifetime. HEAR ME ALL THOSE WHO HAVE EARS!!! Build a relationship with God and you will build a stronger you in every way.
          Have goals! I am not talking about losing a pound or going down one dress size. NO! I am talking about goals that are edifying and projecting wealth to your life. I am talking about goals that inspire and make you passionate about living! I am talking about goals that you will actually achieve! Keep a listing of the entire thing you desire to happen in your life. To make it even more creative and motivating – create a vision board.  A vision board is board that you paste all the things you desire on. For example, you could put on the vision board your dream car, your dream home. The type of business you desire to attain. This will give you motivation to make one step closer to your goals.
I know and understand all too well what it is means not having a father around. However, as we grow older we realize that we must forget the past and move forward into our divine destiny and as such, we must seek healing. Should you follow the steps listed above, I am sure it will help along the way. However, if you need a friend or someone to talk to, please email me. I will ensure to be available.

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