Today is a beautiful day to speak the truth and speak it LOUD!
Women are money lovers and swipers!!! Most of them anyway. Men tend to think that a woman who is independent won’t have this type of need but that is where they go wrong. A woman will tell a man anything to get in his pockets and if she sees that sweet words and intimate sessions can reward her this, she will drill a HOLE right through it.

A woman who is beautiful can be a curse. The very Bible preaches that a woman can drag a man straight to his grave. Women are not to be under-estimated as they have powers that can instigate a world war and equally, they can be a tool of peace and comfort.

Don’t meet a woman who is beautiful and think that she is “soft” men. Don’t watch the curves and the gentle voice, a woman can be a snake. If you don’t believe me, the very beginning of creation stands in agreement as Eve was the one who encouraged Adam to take a bite. CHECK OUT Genesis! 
Be careful therefore, who you are dating. Take the time to know someone before you decide to give full permission to your life.

6 thoughts on “FOR HIM : Women as "MONEY-SWIPERS"!

  1. John Doe says:

    What about guys with have (or seem to) have money? Aren't they justified if they just want some sex in exchange for spending some money? And if she's flaunting sex, and he's flaunting cash, then who's really seducing who?


  2. Speak Your Mind says:

    Hi John Doe,
    Thank you for your input.

    Due to my moral background, I am going to be straight up and tell you if that is the case, it is PROSTITUTION and therefore morally depraved. But, most times this is the case. A man have money and the woman have her body and they might come to an agreement.

    However, the article written above was to warn or caution the guys out there who are seeking LOVE and true relationship. They have to first analyse their counter-part and come to the reality that sometimes if not most, women are after the pockets and not the heart.

    I know this.

    Ms. Kesihanna M


  3. Karim Amos says:

    In the words of the great Damian Marley “Use cheddar as the bait den you recruit a rat” I think men clearly know who they are trying to attract if they lead with their wallet. I know you say in your post that you are not bashing women , but I don't believe men need to be cautioned if they try an approach LOVE in this manner. Great topic!!!


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