The Dangers of Dating a Partner with MONEY, WEALTH, POWER.

Women, Females, Ladies – you are not an object! Stop treating your bodies as if you are. God made you perfect in his divine love. He made you in his sweetness. You are supposed to be virtuous, gentle and known as the one who comforts.
You are supposed to SWEET!

You are worth far  more than riches and wealth. Stop, I repeat, STOP putting your bodies on shelves to be bought and recycled. Stop settling for less than you truly deserve. STOP entertaining the idea of being the side-order. I am tired of hearing of women settling to be concubines to men or termed as his #9 because he is more financially elevated. Interestingly, I received this email.

Dear Kes,
Your Blog is truly a welcoming idea and motivating. Keep it going. I would like to share an experience that changed my entire life. My life has pretty much, in the early stages, been one engraved in poverty. My father died leaving my mother with five(5) girls to raise. Shortly after, she became ill of cancer and died. I am the the youngest of the five. I grew up seeing my sisters selling their bodies in the exchange of money and other material things. I never thought I would end up doing something similar until I met, lets call him “Mark”. We met when I was twenty-six(26) years old and we had, as most relationships in the beginning, a romantic and perfect bond. A year after he engaged me and I thought “Wow, I am truly happy and I didn’t have to sell myself as my sisters to be taken care of”. I decided that since we were going to get married in a few months, why not live together. I suggested and he agreed but the actual act never happened. He kept telling me that eventually everything would work out. Kes, we never had sex all this time because I was determined not to be like my sisters. Kes, I was a virgin. Anyways, I couldn’t suspect anything because he was always at my house, always spending time with me. He even had clothes at my house. He would sleep there but nothing happened. I told him that if he loved me as he proclaimed, he would wait until we actually got married. He treasured me with tons of expensive jewelry, perfume, clothes and even gave me his credit cards to shop whenever. He was 56 my senior and a Judge. He ensured all my bills were covered.One huge issue though. I never met his family or any of his friends or even been to his home. He never took me out in public. If he picked me up from school or work, and I told him to make a quick stop, he would insist he go and get whatever I wanted.
Initially, I thought it was sweet but when it start occurring regularly, I became suspicious. I trailed him one evening and found out finally where he had lived. From what I saw, I assumed he was actually honest about him living alone and he didn’t have another woman.I decided to drop the jealousy and the suspicion. Couple months later, I was walking to my car at my workplace one late evening( about 10:00pm) when a couple of females rushed to me, one stabbing me in the back with a long knife. I fell to the floor, I remembered, when another female of the group,threw acid to my face. I quickly turned away but I knew from the melting of my skin, it was too late. I was now dead. I remember hearing a female threatening me to leave Mark (her husband) as he had a family and four kids with her. She spat on me. In my agony, the physical pain was nothing. However, to know that I gave this man my  heart and time, ripped the very heart from my chest. 

Weeks passed. I stayed in the hospital. He took it upon him to ensure that I was “repaired” by spending thousands of USD to have my skin return to its normal state.

He eventually confessed to me that he was indeed married for twenty years and him engaging me was so he could be with me intimately. He wasn’t planning on marrying me. He just wanted me. He didn’t see it a problem since I was being taken care of. He begged me to forgive him and not to leave him. I am now thirty(30) years old and happily married. I even gave birth to twins a year ago. My husband is not rich like Mark or with worldly wealth but the love I received daily is worth far more than all the gifts Mark showered me with or money. He has great ambition. He is training to be a Dentist and currently works within the financial sector.
 I want to encourage the young females to stop selling their bodies. I did, almost did because I was excited about this man’s social status and so-called power. I got the consequence. It profits you nothing to gain the wealth of this world. Most of these rich men are liars anyways. They will have a dozen young females( to make them feel like they still have it) sleeping with and you will be used, manipulated and deceived into believing you are the only one because you are young, naive and frighten for money and social status. Don’t be fooled.



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