4 Powerful Ways to Handle An Obsessive Ex!

We all have our past which we chose a wrong partner and sometimes for the wrong reasons.The issues is, however, dealing with that partner when the relationship is long over and  done with and that partner refused to let go. It can be a dangerous situation and as such, I desire you to pay keen attention to the following guidelines.

1. Ensure you clearly state to your Ex that it is over and that the person should refuse to treat you in a manner that suggests that a relationship still exists. If you realize that the person and you can’t be friends, end all communication with the person and ensure that you are clear that there will be no contacting of any sorts.

2. Should the person decide to stalk you by calling from different numbers, talk to someone about the problem. It is best when you have a witness along with evidence. If you realized that these calls are frequent, CHANGE YOUR NUMBER! But should the person decide that they will stalked you on your office number, REPORT IT to the Authorities(Cops/Police).
3. But lets say this Ex starts sending you threats despite all this, ATTAIN a RESTRAINING ORDER! 
4. Lets say this still don’t work, learn how to fight as this person might be planning to launch an attack on you.
Bottom-line is, all  MUST learn how to defend themselves. Sometimes situations are way  beyond the Authorities and you MUST fight!




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