How to Handle Envy from OTHERS!

Your life was designed for you to live within it. You can’t live someone else’s life because it was simply not made for YOU!  Because someone is successful and your life is “average”, that doesn’t mean that you are a failure. It is simply this – you are running your race while another person have ran theirs. Stop hating on people for the things they have because if the shoe was on the other foot, you may not have survived half the things they have been through to get to the level in which they are.

The most embarrassing thing one can do is envy someone for their intimate relationship. If your friend have found love, shouldn’t you be happy? You may not experience true love yet because of that same envious attitude and trait you possess so when good men get close, you become like an instant “man-repellent”.


Hating on someone because of their aesthetics is another attribute to dismiss immediately from your life. GOD MADE THEM!!! So stop hating because you never got long hair or straight nose or caramel complexion. STOP IT! God Made you in His perfect love. You are beautiful! Only God knows why He made some persons they way He did. In fact when you envy others, it makes you totally unattractive!


Envy is a DISEASE!


Be grateful for the life you have been given because no matter how hard you think yours is, should you listen to someone’s story, you would fall to your knees and shout to the Heavens – ” Thank you Jesus!”



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