People tend to sit and have patio or veranda chats on the “good ole days” not realizing that what used to be is still existing but more opened.
Perverted relationships are nothing new even though the present generation is perceived as “evil” by the older. I personally find that a relationship shared between a man and woman is their personal business and no one has any right to judge but that doesn’t discount  the fact that people can have and share their opinion(s). I am about to touch a topic that I am sure brings more heat to the furnace. 

It is rather perverted and revolting to watch old men dating and even marrying females that could be their grand-daughters or daughters and it rather repulsive to watch these young females takes pride in showcasing this type of perversion. I refer to it as perversion because it is an act against morals and it borders on prostitution in some cases. I am not saying there exists no case of persons getting in this type of relationship and it is not decent and fulfilling but those cases are few and even so, it still doesn’t discount the fact that is immoral.  It is evident in the relationship between celebrity Celine Dion and her husband. They found love within each other and share a family. However, he could be her father nonetheless and that is where the issue lies as age is not just a number, it is a string of mental and physical issues.

I will first address the females. It is rather repulsive and immoral to get sexually involved with a man that is twice or more than twice your age. WHY? Would you sleep with your father? Better yet, would you have sex with your grandfather? If our answer is yes, you need exorcism – no offence. But, I am positive that your answer is a “heck no” so I will proceed to say, it is rather immoral and if you look deep within, you will see that you are with that man who is twice your age because you lack either love from your father or you are really fearful of experiencing real love. After talking with several young females, I realized that most of them who were involved with older men was with them because they lack a father growing up and they need a sort of security or they are just involved because of the man’s financial progression.
So where is the love and happiness in that equation? Not present and so I urge you young females to stay away from these situations as it can get dangerous. A young female once shared with me how she escape death from her ex who was more than twice her age. She explained to me that during her relationship with him, she was well taken care of but after a while she wanted out as there was no real love but dullness. She tried breaking it off but he refused and threatened her as he listed all the things he did for her and the reason why he would have her dead should she left him. She had to migrate to escape this man. I urge and BEG young females to seriously avoid these so called “powerful” men and date within your age group. I urge you young females to build your future by ensuring you are properly educated and attain a job – be independent so you won’t have to belittle your standards because you are dependent. Stop relying on a man to rescue you and save your own life by working for what you want.
Now, you old men out there, I say this – YOU ARE NOT YOUNG ANY MORE so stop trying to use the young females to ignite a fire that is dead, realized that you are now a smoke! 
These females could be your very daughters and I am sure if you found out that one of your friends was sleeping with your daughter, you have his head on a platter. Why do you think it is okay to use another man’s daughter? Most of you men are married anyway and lying to these young girls about your marriage being complicated and unstable. STOP IT!!! Believe it or not, you will reap the consequences if you don’t. What I come to understand is that these men prey on girls who are less fortunate because it is through this flaw, they can exercise power. I will say this, STOP IT and allow the young females to find true love within their age group!!! You very well know that you can’t have a relationship with someone old enough to be your daughter as the level of maturity you expecting won’t be there and I say that boldly. As a young adult, I see life as a young adult bottom-line.
I am not saying that all young females getting involved with older men is based on insecurity and money. I am saying it is just not right and later on, the females will realized that being in a relationship with someone who basically lived five or six decades is just not for her as the things that would interest her is of no real excitement to him. Consequently, I am not saying all older men are predators and users as some are really seeking love but there is a major issue when they search in the age group of teens and early twenties. Get it right – for a relationship to be fulfilling, it must be upright and a man with Seventy years attached to him dating a female of Twenty-Two years is not! 

Get it right and get it decent.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with this comment. I mean although I think it is extremely hilarious. I think young females need to stop the rubbish and understand that all that glitters is not gold and going old is nasty.


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