How to Detect If You are Dating a "Sugar-Baby"

There is a major issue at hand that most persons shy away from but without fear, I will say this – ANY man that depends on a woman to financially sustain him is a shameless man!!!

Dear Kes,

I met this guy once at a fast-food restaurant years ago and because we were both awaiting our meals, he strike up a conversation that sparked an interest in me. We ended up talking about backgrounds and past stories that were indeed hilarious but when I asked him what he did for a living because based on his lifestyle, he had to be well compensated for whatever he did for a living. I realized that when I asked what he did for a living, he paused then laughed and proceeded to tell me that he didn’t work. This guy was travelling, wore expensive clothes and not to mention the car he was driving. He confessed that he was with a Sixty-Five (64) years old Cardiologist and then and there, I was ready to throw up and was ready to end the conversation. He was Twenty-Four (24) years old. He explained to me that even though she was wrinkled and her body sagged, he would literally programme his mind to have sex with her because he wanted what she offered – it was easy money.


Now before I state my view on that woman, I will say this – that approach to life is downright shameful and extremely low. The Bible termed the man as the Head which meant the ruler. Man was created to hunt and the woman the Help-Meet which meant to take care of the domestic needs. As the hunter, man was supposed to be independent and strong and supplied the necessities for the woman to exercise her domestic role. Men were created as leaders! However with this kind of mentality, it is a clear depiction of the decay in standards and morals as men are willing to sell their manhood at any cost. This woman could be his grandmother and he disregarded that factor because what was important was the vanity. This is the sad reality. There was however, one good outcome – he was honest. Many young guys out there would lie and try to pass it off like they are not selling their bodies in exchange for clothes and money when they are indeed practising the act of prostitution. Now society bashes against women who openly sells their bodies but crown the men who are doing the same thing! I consider this an oxymoron as I see no difference. Women are always cornered and scorned for the same acts perpetrated by men and as a young woman. Society will degrade a woman for having ten children by ten men but praises the man who proudly womanises a thousand. That is hypocritical.Prostitution is the act of selling one’s body in exchange for vanity. Prostitution  is indeed immoral but a man who does these same acts should also be placed on the stage and be reprimanded.

Now to this “cougar” – it is sad that women of this age prey on the younger generation of men as a means for sexual adventure.
These women, like the older men tend to be seeking a way to rekindle a fire that seemingly is dead and so they go through a phase best termed as “mid-age crisis” where they do perverse acts as means to give comfort that they are still young. While this theory stands, it stimulates major implications.  These women are often times married and do have children of the age group they target and as a result, there is a breakdown in the institution of family and marriage as it is completely disrespected. These women need to really look within and assess their characters as it is downright filthy and as any perverted acts, it strings a line of consequences.  One can understand the fear of age but abusing another personas means to feel better about yourself won’t change the unlined factor that time keeps going and your age will too. If it is that the matter of age deeply affects you, it is best to find a counselor immediately. It is best advised these older women DESIST from using their money and power as a means to sexually exploit the young men. And to the young men,  stop being so low, get an education that will equate you a job to sustain your wants and needs. 



4 thoughts on “How to Detect If You are Dating a "Sugar-Baby"

  1. Anonymous says:

    On a serious note, these old man and woman sick stomach. Seriously this is really nasty and I support you sis to post this as people don't like to talk about these things! Nasty shrink up skin them!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Disagree.. I am dating one old man and I am happy. He takes care of me and I am good. Even our sex life is good. So no people. Love has no age rule..if a cougar wants to take care of a young guy I don't see a problem.


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