Ways to Detect a Cheating Partner!


Infidelity is a major issues within relationship. It is the number one (1) reason why divorce rate is so high and also why young adults are led to believe that being committed is totally irrelevant and as a result, promiscuity has become prevalent and endorsed. Faithfulness is ignored and most times, taken for a joke.
Everything in life is a choice. You choose to cheat or you choose to be faithful. To put simply, it is either  you eat the apple or you don’t.  There is a perception that it is only men alone who cheats but that belief is flawed as women are also guilty of this practice.
Ways women cheat???
Always checking her phone… maybe she is checking messages but if she claims you are special to her and you are her one and only, when around you, shouldn’t her attention be on you?
She has loads of cash but works at Burger King… that sounds a bit suspicious. If you didn’t give her, someone else did…
The Famous Escape – “Take the balcony” – not today!
Taking off her ring. If your wife is not wearing her ring, she could possibly be saying to the world that “I am SINGLE”.
Ways Men cheat???

Women are discreet cheaters but men are FUNNY because their cheating game is so obvious. Ladies, GET READY for this.

Always staring is an obvious sign that staring at you is not enough. I am not saying a guy can’t stare but when his eyes are always seeking body parts on other women, that is a clear indication of the future with that particular man.
THE CELL PHONE. He is always hiding when receiving and sending messages or if he gets a phone call, his escape is ” I got to take this one outside”. You should ask why. If you are exclusive to this man, there should be no secrets or hidden agenda.
Your sex-life looks dim and all you get is a sleeping man beside you at nights. It could be he is genuinely tired but it could also mean, he doesn’t find you sexy enough anymore or he is tired from his girl on the side. Pay close attention to this one.
” Whose are this?”
“Baby, it is yours”
“Uhm, I wear a 36C and this is a 32B”
This is one you should not ignore. Clearly, if you find a piece of garment or even earrings that you know doesn’t belong to you, he had someone in the house. This is not only disrespectful but it is also a clear indication that you are depicted on a low level. He is willing to risk it to loose you.
Relationships should be based on morals and each partner should be and remain faithful. If it is that your partner no longer serves as significant in your life, fix it or dismiss it. Avoid adding more fuel to the fire. Doing this only makes the fire larger and in the end, everyone gets hurt. We all need to look within ourselves and really be honest if we are ready for a committed relationship or we simply just want games.

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