Understanding the Emotions of Men!

It is believed that men were created to be “tough” and unemotional.

In fact males are acculturated in such a manner that instill in them from childhood that in order to be seen and respected as a man, they must refuse from showing feminine emotions such as sorrow and even falling in love. So, as they grow up from boys to men, they refuse to cry or show any form of emotions that in the eyes of society would be seen as “soft”. This results in a series of issues as most men these days are angry and violent and extremely aggressive. It is evident in the crime poll and it is evident within the institutions of family and marriage where the men are witnessed abusing their women and children.

I strongly believe that men do possess the same emotions as women despite all the critics and all the stories about women being different than men. As far as the Bible know, God created women and men alike. God may have shaped our bodies differently but our hearts are just as His and for this reason, He gave us His emotions such as sorrow, joy etc. God cries — “Jesus wept”. Again in Matthew, The Bible alluded to Jesus on the cross crying out not because of physical pain but he saw the ignorance of His people and His heart ached and He showed it. Men, you are allowed to show emotions.

It is because of this very shallow preconceived notion about femininity and masculinity that men are left to weigh between their minds, their emotions and ultimately, their lives to be who they are because they are left to solve problems on their own being the “soldier”. Ladies, your man may show you a side that is “macho” but guaranteed tomorrow if you walk out on him, he is going to cry! Well, if he loves you and you mean everything to him. He probably will see you a day after the breakup and look like he has long move on but I assure you, his heart is ripping the very rib-cage of his chest because he feels.

Women, another thing to note is that men feel the power of your words. When in an heated discussion or argument, try to humble yourselves and remember that the man you throw your arrows at can die and should one of those arrows hit his skin, he will surely bleed.
In other words, remember that your man have feelings and he will remember the things you utter when you are angry or upset. So it is best to really analyse your words before you utter them and if words of hate or disdain do slip, FIX IT. Personally, I recommend that you give yourself space and time to calm down by simply going for a walk or not call for a day or two to critically analyse yourself and the argument and give yourself the time to make a decision to either fix it or dismiss it. Always remember that we are created equals and we do possess the same emotions and as such, you have to be careful how you speak to others and how you treat them.
Men, I say this to you – it is okay to embrace your emotions and own them. If someone hurts you, it is okay to CRY and vent by talking about your feelings.
It makes no sense to hide from your emotions and later end up in prison by later reacting in violence. What happens mentally when emotions are covered is an explosion. It is best as you go through life to deal with your feelings and not push them under the carpet. It is not feminine to cry or to argue or to vent, it is human. As I stated before, Jesus cried and it is not because He was weak (I am sure you know better). But because He felt and He showed it by tears. It is also okay to be madly in love! I despise the minds of those who are negative and offer negative energy and negative advice. If you desire to buy the woman you love roses everyday – do it! If you call her all the time and both you and her are in love – embrace it and enjoy it. It is not feminine to sit and daydream about a female that makes your hearts runs a marathon by just a thought. It is okay to express love. Stop with the ” man a man” or ” man is tough” mentality and embrace being human which means expressing how you feel, when you feel and what you feel!

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