Should I FIGHT for HER, FOR HIM?

 It is rather deploring to see beautiful, talented and educated women, fighting over men!
It is so absurd because women haven’t taken the time to really sit and think before they act. If you value who you are so much, why are you fighting for someone to value you and see it a blessing to be with you and remain faithful to you? 
Both men and women are guilty of this as it is evident with men snatching another man’s woman. They think that it is okay to steal another man’s woman and then have this high expectation of her being faithful. When the results equates to unfaithfulness, violence is resorted to. Now that is a huge irony as we need to stop playing these games and be real with ourselves – it is not okay to cheat or to steal someone’s man or woman! You will reap the consequences of doing so – so, TAKE HEED!

Women, please stop fighting over men as it degrades you and it makes you look unintelligent! Now let’s say you caught your man with another woman, why would you think it is sensible to attack the other female when it is your man who is involved with you? To be very frank, sometimes the female on the side doesn’t even know she is on the side so you catching your man in the act with her, is a huge surprise for her also because she is totally unaware. When you walk in on your man cheating, be sensible and exercise decency simply by walking away. If you attack the woman, it won’t change the fact that he cheated on you and if you attack him, it won’t change the reality either. It is best to walk away from any situation like that and give yourself some time to process what went down and to decide truly if you can forgive such an act against you. When you walk away, it separates you into a different class and trust me when I say this, that man will see that “diamond”quality in you and probably will chase after you or wish he never committed such a foul act against you. You stamp high-grade quality on you when you operate outside your emotions because you know your value and if he didn’t see it in you and went and cheat, it is simple because he is of a low standard and God had to step in and fix the error even if it hurt a little. So if your man cheats on you, simply decide if he is worth holding on to or better discarded but using violence is a no-no!

Now unto you men – stop stealing women! You can’t expect that when she becomes yours, that she must be a wife to you! I am not saying it is impossible. But don’t you think you should question her morals and values as to why she easily walked away from her man to be with you?  If she left her man to be with you unless she was abused, she is considered unfaithful. If she left her man to be with you, truth is, she will leave you to be with another man. Let’s be real! It is best to get a woman of your own which will equates to less drama and less stress. While we may never witness two men fighting over and for a woman, men perceive relationship and the art of building one differently than women as they react inversely to infidelity. While a woman will catch her man with another and be ready to launch an attack on the woman, a man will simply leave it but will definitely retaliate and some retaliation results in fatality of the women caught in infidelity. Men who view particular women in their lives as queens, it is expected that these women remain faithful. If the lines are crossed, these women are not only devalued in their eyes but based on a miniature research done, men when attach themselves to women and reality slaps them on the wrist, it is twice as difficult for a man to overlook and heal than a woman and so, it is the reason why men will react using crime. This is quite evident as there are tons of murder cases surrounding infidelity.


With all this being said, it is encouraged that women should get real and walk away from anything that is not true and that devalues who you are. You are a QUEEN and if a man can’t be a King beside you, walk away! To the men, it is encouraged that you to find your own woman and stop stealing! Don’t expect a wife out of a concubine (no offence here). Also, this is life and bad things happen to good people so men, if your heart gets in the fire, it is best to also walk away as crime won’t eliminate the stains of infidelity and physical attacks won’t erase the reality that your heart was broken. Simply put, if a relationship is taking a toll on your mental or physical state, LET IT GO!

2 thoughts on “Should I FIGHT for HER, FOR HIM?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Real talk Kesihanna! I totally agree with you on this one. I willcnever fight over no man when I love me so much.
    Keep the articles coming! Talk up the things!!!


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