How to detect If YOU are a Secret-Lover!

DO NOT lower yourself to befit someone’s fantasy or unleash someone’s pleasure box! It is not okay to be someone’s little secret, it degrades you. On the brighter side,  some information  will be given to you that I hope you will find most useful to help turn things around if you fall in this arena. I am going to address both sexes on this matter.
Ladies, if you are insecure about who you are, you need an intervention! First thing, you need to know who you are, live by this mantra  – “Know your worth, allow no one to stamp just any price on you”. You need to value who you are – your strengths and even your weaknesses so that no one can tamper with your identity. We all are privy to mistakes and wrong choices when choosing men. However, you should not belittle your value to a man who wants to put you at number nine on his list of women.

If you can’t be one and only, dismiss that individual immediately! Don’t subscribe to the notion of females settling with a man who is running a farm of women! NO NO NO! It is not okay to be a man’s “woman on the side”. How can you be okay with such slackness and degradation? It reflects a very low self-esteem and if evaluated, the results would equate to you not knowing who you are or you being fearful to actually experience exclusivity. Women, understand that you are a treasure and your body, your mind and your very soul should be treated accordingly. Stop allowing society and it is immoralities to destroy who God created you to be – A WIFE. Now I am sure the men will argue from the angle that it was okay for Solomon to have hundreds of women so why is it immoral now? I will say this to all those who may be thinking this or desire to argue from this point – You are not Solomon. It was also for that same reason, Solomon almost miss God. Man is a limited resource and while you might not agree that a man belongs to one woman, you can test it. After a while, your body will run down, your mind will run down and ultimately your POCKETS will scream for help.

Women, know your worth and stop selling yourself for a dime when you are valued infinity!
Gentlemen, stop allowing those females who are married or committed to make you stray. You too are valuable and deserved to be treated like a King!

You were created to be the Head not the heel so stop allowing your lust to destroy your manhood. Some of you men are TIRED physically in your twenties and that it is extremely sad! Look into yourself, stop sharing women and get one of your own that you can build a future with. I know some women would be shock to hear this but men are more sensitive when it comes to their self-esteem than you are. Believe that! The difference between both sexes is a man won’t show it but a woman will vent it.

Nonetheless men do suffer from low self-esteem and it comes out in them not being committed and it comes out when they brag of how many women they got and how many they slept with. I will say this – being promiscuous makes you low-class; being faithful makes you a King! Why? Any man can sleep around – that is easy as long as the female is up to it. However, it takes a man of high statute and class to stay true to one woman. It separates him from any other and it is not because he can’t be trashy and lash out his instrument to every woman, it is simply because he is confident in who he is and what he is about and what he desires for his life. Men, stop the games! If you are struggling with insecurities – simply stay away from the mainstream and handle your issues. Meditate and seek inner peace. When you run around town, you open yourself to more harm (diseases) and running around won’t erase the fact that you are really alone. Truth is, we are all desiring to be loved and you running around won’t give you the comfort you desire.

Get your ego and manhood together and be the King you were created to be.
I will say this again, being a secret is really someone saying to you – “I am embarrassed to take you to the public beside me!” If someone got to hide you, you are not important in their life. Stop settling for degradation and settle for true unconditional love.  Love doesn’t hide you, it illuminates you. I urge you then if you struggle in the area of self-esteem and love that you begin to work on your identity and your issues immediately.

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