GREAT IDEAS to Spark FLAMES in a Relationship!

Relationship after several months or several years tend to get monotonous and if not carefully handled, it can lead to one partner contemplating or actually stepping out and cheating. You have to put in the time and effort to keep the fire lit and to make your relationship grow. So as per usual, I will address both sexes on the above matter.

LADIES. As females we are totally responsible for the intimacy within our relationships!

I will say this once again, as ladies, we are totally in control of the intimacy within our respective relationships. You have to keep your sex drive high and make it fly. Don’t you dear sit and think it is not your responsibility to make your man desire you because it is. A man will respond to what he hears and what he sees and if your game is not tightened and your body is not appealing, HE WILL STRAY! It has been tested, tried and proven. It is twice as difficult for married couples or couples living within the same home because you see this person every day and so you might take that for granted. However, it is never too late to start afresh and today is the day I desire you ladies to take heed!

          Your Body. We must always be sexy! Being sexy doesn’t mean being trashy or dressing half-naked. It means you shower twice per day, it means you get your nails well groomed and most importantly – COMB YOUR HAIR! It is rather a total turn off when you are always looking popped-down. Make yourself sexy. Wear nice sexy and classy clothes and shoes.

Ensure to get rid of clothes with holes (holes are not sexy) and please I encourage you when going out, wear some make-up. Please ensure your make-up fits your skin-tone  by simply getting your skin tested. Make-up is to accentuate not hide you so be careful that you don’t overdose on it. Take care of your body, not only on the outside but you must take care of your health. Ensure to visit you various Doctors (Your General Practitioner, Gynaecologist, Dentist, and Optician) and be checked. Take your vitamins, eat healthy and drink your water (great for your skin) and EXERCISE. Stop being a bum and work your “tushy”. Now I am aware that some females are naturally thick and that is totally okay as being healthy doesn’t mean being thin. Being healthy is ensuring you get your exercise and you eat in the right portions. This edify your sex-drive and ultimately your sex life. So to give your body, it has to be ready or your man will stray when your sexiness is off.

          Your HEAD. Get your mind together. Ensure you remind yourself what you are about and what you bring to the relationship. Always remind yourself of why you fell in love with your man and SHOW IT! Stop with the nagging and the complaining. If there is an issue or issues, state your mind/concerns respectfully and resolved issues/concerns respectfully. Stop with the constant nagging. The last thing your man needs is arguing over foolishness all the time so it is best to deal with issues once and for all and be done with it. Ladies, stop with the 99 questions and digging around your man’s things. Trust him until you have solid proof to doubt him.
Once you have mastered your body and your head, you are totally equipped and ready to light that fire.
GENTLEMEN. You need to invest time! You can’t always be rolling with your friends and be overdosed in providing. It is all in the balance and your woman needs your attention too. She needs to know you still find her beautiful and sexy. She desires your attention and time too. You too have to realize that if you don’t invest the time necessary to nurture and love your woman, she will also stray.

We cannot take people and commitments for granted and think that because someone promise you their life, it means they will always be around even when you don’t make them a priority. You must put in what you desire to reap in your relationship. I am sure you want her to be sexy and satisfy your intimate needs to the fullest but she can’t do that if you are unavailable and non-receptive. Take HEED to the following.

          Your Body. Men, you must take great pride in taking care of your body by eating healthy, exercise and execute grooming practices. Get a manicure and a pedicure, get a facial, and get a shave. Yes, you got your woman but just like how I encourage her efforts to be sexy for you, you need to be sexy for her too. Whenever she looks at you, she must get the jitters and feel extremely proud to be with you. Remember it is all about rekindling the fire that initially blazed. Take care of your health. I know for a fact that men are fearful of Doctor Visits but it is critical. Handle your health complications so you can be healthy to your relationship.


         Your Head. Get your insecurities checked. Handle issues respectfully by address how you communicate. A woman is a gentle being! You can’t talk to her like a dog or like your brethren or homies. She must be respected and treasured. Address your attitude towards your woman and remind yourself of all the reasons you fell in love and stay in love.
Now, that I have schooled you, here are a few ideas to implement on your new love quest.
Games night – play cards, dominoes, monopoly (What this does is reunite you and your partner in an amicable manner and you will find yourself flirting with him/her)
Movie night – get your favourite DVDs or download some comedy or romance (whatever you both love to watch) and enjoy some quiet time cuddling up beside each other.
Date night – go out to dance or to dinner. Don’t lock your relationship up in the house, take it to the world. Go out dancing (trust when I say, it will bring the relationship closer than close).
Plan an intimate night – get the candles lit, get some wine, get some music and get romantic. Enjoy intimacy and don’t be shy to explore intimacy in its fullness.
PLAY hide and seek, it sounds silly but bring back the reason you fell in love and keep the love at that point. Don’t become complacent. Keep at it non-stop and you will definitely reap the benefits.
Give GIFTS. Gentlemen, women love candy, jewellery and attention. Ladies, men love colognes, nice shirts and great intimacy. Explore your partner and don’t think you know him/her because you have been together for years but find out what he or she would love to have (Don’t ask straight-up, but find little ways of investigating) and go purchase it.


Remember that you can spend money to buy gifts and to go out and enjoy your life but when you give your life to someone, it is all you have and it should not be taken for granted. 

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