How to Treat with and BREAK Sexual Soul-ties!


When it comes on this topic, people rather not to talk about it but today is the day. Sex is not nasty and sinful! It is a beautiful spiritual experience between two souls, it bonds you to another. It is a spiritual blessing. Sex is an amazing experience when it is done in the right way. To box it in a category where it is seen as sinful and nasty goes totally against what it was created to do and how it is defined. Sex indeed has become overrated and how it is advertised in the media, surely it looks sinful and degrading. But, let’s be real for a minute – if your parents didn’t indulged, would you be here? NO. Are you a curse? No. So why do we imprison our sexuality and curse it?

Sex is indeed spiritual and that is why the Bible speaks to faithfulness as it warns that infidelity opens a dangerous door. When you are promiscuous, you open up your soul to everything both spiritual and physical. Let us go deeper. Guaranteed that if you have had several sexual partners, you will find yourself with habits that reflects one or all and you probably will find yourself wondering where it came from. Sex is serious business. We are spiritual beings within physical vessels. We exchange souls when we share sexual experiences. Life is not perfect and neither are human beings and so we have our baggages to carry ( you may have a list of sexual partners), to break yourself from your past and free your soul, you would have to accept your mistakes and make a decision to do differently by being celibate until ready to be faithful to ONE partner. Having sex with a million and one persons is not the way because it exposes you to STDSexually Transported Demons!
These can’t be cured by medication but through a complete change in lifestyle spiritually and mentally! Are you willing to lose your soul because of pleasure? I hope not! It is best you stick to ONE partner or none at all. Accordingly, when you have sex with someone, your soul is married to that person. Society teaches us that the wedding joins to two souls but that is bogus. Sex consolidate marriage. The wedding is the celebration. How? In the Bible, did you see a wedding between Adam and Eve? No! Did you see Adam signing documents with Eve? No! Did you see Adam and Eve going on honeymoon? NO! My point is they had sex and bore two sons and that consolidated their bond – SEX.
Therefore, if you have sex with twenty(20) persons, clearly you have committed adultery and  not only that but your soul is tied to all twenty(20) partners. Sex is GREAT but dangerous! It is important you know who you are laying with inside out and decide whether or not you are ready to “marry” the person.
Sex is serious business, yes pleasurable but serious. So, before you lay, think on the health of your soul the next day.




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