The Domestic Goddess!

A woman MUST be sexy, must be educated, must be independent and must be DOMESTICATED!!!
A woman must be able to clean, to iron, to wash and most importantly to COOK. Times have changed when a woman’s only job was to be a housewife. Now, a woman is a powerhouse and while this should be embraced and celebrated, it can also be a disgrace. Women are now becoming CEOs and top-notches in other professions but SUCK at their homely duties and even taking care of themselves. Below is a true story.
A couple with three (3) children that lived in the upper-class of Jamaica had a Maid that also played the role of a Nanny. Every time the husband asked his wife to do something like cook him a meal, she would instruct him to ask the Nanny/Maid to assist him because she was too busy handling her career. Even her very children were neglected and because he was so used to asking the Nanny/Maid to do things for him, he asked the Nanny/Maid to DO HIM and that she did. Moral of the story – a woman must be sexy, must be educated, must be independent and must be DOMESTICATED!!!

 Being domesticated is a job all by itself and can be tiring. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a Maid/Nanny. 

The problem is when you become a complacent wife and mother and you totally hand over those roles to your Nanny/Maid.  YouTube is an excellent source of information –use it! Educate yourself on how to keep a house in order and developed habits of cleanliness. Make a decision to be organized and not lazy.

Another issue that most females have is that they are too LAZY and outright untidy!!! The Bible quoted that CLEANLINESS is next to GODLINESS. God is a CLEAN God!!! When you are comfortable in mess and clutter, you need a reality check-up! Get it together and learn how to properly make your bed, learn how to separate your garments before you throw them into the washing machine (you also need to know that some clothing requires your hands), and learn how to properly clean a house. Handle your kitchen in such a way that “ratatouille” and his army won’t reside with you by simple habits like washing plates and glass after using.  A good man admires when his lady is clean and tidy, sexy and educated. Men DO watch how you handle your domesticated life and it is by this measure, they judge if they should marry or discard you. Ladies, become a wife before you walk down the aisle. Don’t say you won’t learn to be a wife or assume wifely duties until you are actually one, NO, learn from now. And even so, do it for you! So what if you never get married? Are you going to sit and sleep in nastiness? If you are in a committed relationship, learn to do these things and most importantly if you are about to get married, learn to do these things but even if you are not in a relationship, LEARN!
When you master the art of handling both your professional life and your personal life, you have mastered life itself. Everything must be in the balance!

Dismiss from your mentality where society tells you that being domesticated is old-schooled and old-fashioned and you are now in an era where you don’t need to know these things! You do need to know these things and not only that, you need to practice them. We have become a set of people who wants everything to be done immediately and so the very food we consume is affected. Almost all food items sold in the supermarkets are now microwavable and that is extremely sad and dangerous. Because of these processed foods and fast-foods, we have tons of ailments that Scientists/Dieticians/Doctors can’t even name or explain. We are now at the stage where we put ourselves and children at risk because we are lazy.



Ladies, get it together and get domesticated – you can’t go wrong when it is the right thing to do!




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