How to Handle Being Single In Christmas!

I am Single & I Love it
…The Short Play
Kesh & Drinie (Best Friends) sits and dines at a restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica.
Kesh:                           Girl you need a man!
Drinie:                         No, I don’t! (Drinie eats as Kesh looks at her confusingly) I am fine being single! I am happy just the way I am. I have no one to stress about or wonder if he is cheating and all that jazz. I am single, happy and loving it!
Kesh:                           Really now??? Yet, just the other day you were begging me to go movies with you, you were begging me two weeks ago to come over and have dinner. Over a month ago, you asked me to take you out! Hmmm… And here I am again having lunch with you! Drinie, I love you but I can’t keep dating you. I am not a man!
_ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Tons of articles and magazines encourage the movement of SINGLENESS as an empowerment tool but being single is actually a CURSE! 
Singleness is a decision took on by individuals who are fearful of love and fearful of experiencing the true meaning of life – to love another soul expecting nothing and giving everything (Unconditional love). This decision surrounds fear due to prior experiences. Persons usually embark on this journey after going through a tragic emotional state of mind or a sort of abusive experience(s). This however doesn’t mean you should stay alone for an eternity as you will end up miserable, unhappy and ultimately depressed! Accordingly, you will face a line of health issues both physically and emotionally.
This cannot be good for you. Singleness is a decision. It is not that you should jump into bed with anyone after your ex dumped you or you just came out of a relationship! NO! Take the necessary time to heal and then jump back into the dating game. Don’t decide to throw in the towel and right off all potential partners because one person didn’t see your worth
It is not wise to use a bad experience to judge all other future ones. You will miss out on life.
Love is an intangible emotion often express in words and physical touch.
Love too is a decision. Because Love is an expression of emotions, it goes in strides and so as humans, we don’t always want to love because it is also dependent on external factors we experience on a daily basis. You don’t wake up every day of your life wanting to love. Sometimes you wake up sad, you wake up upset, you wake up in a total bad mood but nonetheless, you wake up and decide to love the amazing partner beside you that you married. Love is the ultimate experience a human being can have. It is the best feeling in the world! Now, with that being said, you were never created to be single! God saw the state of man when he was alone and decided to create woman (a companion) from his rib. You are here to be loved and to express love. These new era movements are erasing the foundations of life. It is not  we should stick in the “caveman” days but we must never forget what made our great-grandparents joined together for the years they did and died together feeling completed. That is the kind of love we were created to experience – unconditional. Life will not be perfect but you have to wake up each day and handle life as it comes with another soul who loves you for who you are completely. Singleness on the other hand depletes Love. You stay stuck in a rut and you live bitterly towards the opposite sex because you fear being hurt. Fear will not only drive you insane but it will also drive you straight into your grave!
At this time of the year, everyone deserves some TLC (Tender Love and Compassion).


At this time when we celebrate Christmas, the nights get cold and Ladies, you need a strong arm to wrap you warm and Gentlemen, you need a gentle spirit to cuddle with. Singleness is not something to brag about! So all those who are single and not looking, your life is heading in dangerous zone but to those who are single and looking, keep looking, your soul-mate will find you. I wish those who are seeking a partner that you will find him/her within this season.


To ALL, I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS & indeed a GREAT NEW Year of unrelenting LOVE & Wisdom!




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