How to Create New Year’s Resolutions!

The New Year is here in a few days and surely everyone is sitting and thinking then writing New Years’ Resolutions

This is totally endorsed as  people must have some sort of direction but it is a waste of precious time if these goals are not feasible and far-fetch or the goals just sit on paper. You really just need to break down your life in three (3) categories and flesh out your goals beneath each.
  •           Your Social & Professional
  •           Your Health
  •           Your Spiritual
Your Social Life. For a peaceful life, you need less drama and for that, you need less people. You don’t need a million friends, you really need a few true ones. When you have a million voices feeding you guidance and passing their advice as gospel on a daily basis, you will become confused and guaranteed, make silly even fatal decisions. You need a few because less is more! Your professional life is one that is intimate. Your goals shouldn’t be on the billboard. Your goals are between you, your significant other and God. It is better not to share your goals with friends because people are poison when it comes to this. They will either tell you how impossible it is, how challenging it will be or they will simply steal it and run with it. Now, it is perfectly okay to share with your partner as it will surely affect your relationship but the less people in your social life, the better it will be.

Your Health. This is probably number 1 on 99% of persons’ 2015 Goals. Now, it is the little things that makes a BIG difference. We all search for a quick fix when it comes on to handing our weight and to be honest, it is quite disappointing. Your weight shouldn’t be the reason you eat vegetables and fruits instead of doughnuts and burgers, it shouldn’t be the reason you go to the gym. NO! The reason you should capitalized in on this is that you need to be healthy to live a long life and also to be a happier you. You need to first visit a General Practitioner (Doctor) and get checked and then create a healthy lifestyle surrounding the guidance from your Doctor.
Your Spiritual Life. You need to have at the core, peace and you attain this by building a relationship with God. To do this, you need to BE STILL which means you need to practice meditation. Talk to God on a frequent basis and vent to him all your issues, always be grateful and learn to express LOVE. Love is something you decide to do, it is not totally based on emotions. Love is a choice and it eliminates 99.9% of issues in the world. TRY IT! Spend time on this because God is the life-support you will need to attack life.
A NEW YEAR should be welcomed with joy and great love but don’t negate from the reality, it will be filled with more challenges and as a result, you must handle your spiritual life, you must have total control over your social/professional life and your health must be in top gear! Don’t be writing 20 goals and not mean it. Break your goals down in categories and attack each goal as time passes.

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