2 Powerful Ways to Start Over Your Life!

It is the start of the New Year and while persons are set out on a mission, without God in the middle, your list of goals are nothing but smoke! Despite what the world tell you, you need God!


There is a two-step process in achieving a personal relationship with God. Accordingly, God created the universe, He is the Author of life and He is love itself. God is your father, your best friend, He is your guide, bottom-line, He is your air, your everything. You NEED to know Him for yourself to understand your purpose and your life mission.Unfortunately, Church can’t give you a relationship with God, it is something so intimate that only you can unlock that door. Church is there to inspire and to teach but it can’t build a relationship between you and God! 

STEP 1: Meditation. You MUST spend time meditating. You must create an environment that encourage this. You need a clean and extremely quiet environment. You can light a few scented candles and just sit, say nothing and try not to think too much. Just sit with your eyes closed and you breathe. You will not only feel at peace, issues you had, the solutions will flash within your mind. Within this moment, you will also see the errs you made, the wrong turns you took on your life journey and you will feel God within you and around you. It is through this practice that God actually speaks to you. He said in His Word that you need to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD. You will know him when you BE STILL. You need to meditate.

STEP 2: Prayer. When you pray, you speak to God showing gratitude and admiration. Unfortunately, a lot of person pray to receive and what they want to receive are actually quite amusing.


          A House
          A Benz
Quite funny, isn’t it? It sure is. Contrary to what you might think or believe, God is not Santa Claus. He doesn’t give you things because you wish it or ask for it. He gives you things because it is what you need and sometimes he doesn’t give you what you need because the timing is wrong. You need to develop an attitude of gratitude. Start thanking God for all he has given you even for the things he holds back, tell him thanks because he knows best! When you pray, pray telling him thanks ALWAYS. You can go to God, your father, with an issue or concern. YES YOU CAN! However, when you go, always show gratitude then present your case.
You build healthy relationship by listening and speaking with others and so it should be with God. He does speaks and to hear His voice, you MUST be still. Start the year by first building a healthy and flourishing relationship with God by becoming a person of immense gratitude. Give thanks for all you have in your life because if you really sit and analyse your life, you will see that you do have A LOT to give God thanks for. The fact that you are even breathing within this moment, you should be thankful.



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