Sex has become taboo. It is an overrated term, expression and act. It has now reach the level where it reflects SLAVERY!


Sex has become so flamboyant that it is losing its true meaning. Based upon a research done, there were several sexual issues that most females found to be a sexual TURN OFF! Women are afraid to open up and tell their partners the truth because they are afraid to be labelled as boring and old-fashioned. But the truth MUST be told so, Gentlemen, play keen attention!

1. No romance! Now, the ladies can understand a quick act every now and then but when it has become a regular act, it is a turn off! Women love romance!!!Despite what they say, women love to be “wine and dine” and pampered. Women love to be told how gorgeous and sexy they are and look. Women love compliments and yes guys, they love sex text and sex conversations on the phone. Women don’t want to just dive in the main course, NO, they want to enjoy the appetizer and savour in it so by the time they get to the main course, they are ready to digest.
2. No foreplay! The woman’s body was designed not only to be admired but also to be touched and kissed. How can you possibly just get your clothes off and get to it?
Do you expect her to love it? She won’t. She probably is not lubricated enough any ways and even if she is, I am telling you, she thinking to herself – “can he hurry up and get off me”. This is not the result you desire. Women need to be touched and caressed and kissed gently. Yes, neck, lips, breasts, legs … you name it. Women needs to know that their bodies are not only admired but it is sexual and it stimulates. So TOUCH HER!
3. Going too hard or too much! Now, some women are hard-core lovers and they enjoy instructing their men. But Gentlemen, before you jump the guns and go hard, you need to spend time to know who you are intimate with. Some women on the other hand, like it gentle so when the man is running a sprint, it is torture for her. How can someone be in that much agony and be satisfied? Impossible unless she is a Sadist. Know your partner! Even for the Sadist, Gentlemen you need to understand that it is not all the time the woman is going to desire that. At some point, the Sadist woman desire love-making.
4. Too far with the dirty talk! Okay so people get carried away in the moment and say things and while it can be sexy and enhance the mood, if you start talking trash, it is a total turn off.
For example, you calling your partner a slut. Not acceptable. Or you start describing her sexual organs in a debasing manner. Despite the reality that she might like dirty talks, I am sure, she won’t like it nasty. So watch your diction when on the mission.
5. Answering your phone in the middle of sex! Really? This would turn off anyone!!! First thing, your phone should be silent so it won’t disturb but let’s say you forgot and you got carried away in the moment, why would you think it is acceptable to answer your phone?
Surely, your partner is going to feel invaluable and totally disrespected and that will kill the mood immediately.

6. Using porn as guide! Your partner, Gentlemen, is not a porn-star! If what you watch is what you desire, you need to be with a porn-star. Understand, that it is a total turn off when you instructing her what and what she must do because it seems amusing in pornography. Now I am not saying your sex life should be stagnant but sometimes, it is too much. Porn is porn and life is life so you have to decide what you desire.

7. No after-romance! So it is over and you just roll over and sleep – a total moment killer. How about cuddling, embracing, and showing some affection? You do this, you are preparing her for another round.
So Gentlemen, use this as a guide and make it beautiful!

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