The Truth about Promiscuity!

Your body is a TEMPLE not a whorehouse! It was created to be treasured and loved. This issue is a BEASTLY CRISIS!
Ladies, it is abominable to lay down with several men and it is even worse when you have several sexual partners at once. Orgies are not normal. Having several men sexually is not normal. Promiscuity opens the door to hazards health-wise and also mentally. You open yourself to everything when engaged in such a lifestyle. Now, I am not saying when you are faithful to one partner, means you are well protected. I am saying you open yourself to everything freely when promiscuity is your life. Based on a poll done, below are the results why women engage in the lifestyle of promiscuity.
 Financial Benefits     85%
Personal Choice         5%
Fun                           10%
Clearly, women engaged in this because they are in need or are led by greed and so, they risk their health and dignity to acquire material assets and riches. It was once believed that women of a certain social class and ethnicity would be the culprits or those who practice prostitution but it has been proven to be untrue as women across the board are doing this as a means to get ahead in life. Even in the corporate society, women are opening their legs to their superiors as a mean to get promoted and to move up the social and financial ladder. While certain circumstances are understandable, it doesn’t make it right and surely, it is not supported or endorsed by God. He urges us to treasure our temples and keep it upright yet we trash it. Women have become so low in standards that they endorse prostitution as a means to an end. 

Women, if it is that you need money, get a job and attain a career – WORK FOR YOUR OWN. Stop with the stereotypical mind-set that a man must provide for you because you give him your cookies and because you once experienced the financial gains of one man, you add more to the fire. STOP!

Gentlemen, having a hundred women doesn’t make you the “MAN”, it makes you BROKE and a straight up pity. You also put your health on the line when you live this way and sooner or later, you will realize that it wasn’t worth risking as all these women jump into your bed, give you a second of pleasure and take your wallet when they leave. You end up with no partner, thousands of diseases (might I say that there are some STD that a condom cannot protect you from) and financially depraved. Below are the results of a poll done stating the reasons why men engage in promiscuity.

Ego & Manhood       75%
Personal Choice        15%
Financial Benefits      5%
Fun                             5% 
So the results reveal that men engage in this practise because they believe it is a part of being a man. Any male can be promiscuous but it take a real man to say NO and live an upright life where he remains faithful or in the Jamaican culture, it is referred to as “one burner”.
Gentlemen, it is not “Macho” to be a man with a thousand women, it is rather repulsive and so I urge you to STOP!
Promiscuity is destroying us with the spreading of diseases and completely disregarding the morals of our God! 

Let us smash promiscuity at its core and embrace faithfulness in relationships.

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