3 Ways to Find Out Your Purpose!

There is a famous quote by the well renowned Abraham Lincoln – The best way to know the future is to create it.
We tend to be lazy creatures as we desire the sky to open and God Himself to step down off His throne and walk right into our bedroom and say “HEY, here is the man of your dreams Betty! Marry Him!” or “Hey Betty, you are now a Doctor—!” God is not a genie or a witch. You can’t make Him do what you desire because you are lazy and fearful to do it yourself. If it is that you desire a husband, you need to build a relationship which takes dedication and hard work. If it is that you desire to be a Medical Practitioner, you have to get educated and well trained. You have to make the move. 
Below are 3 POWERFUL ways to find and activate your purpose!

  • You need to know that you are here living for a reason and that reason is not only to work an average job, eat and sleep. But you are here to make a difference in the world by contributing your God-given gift to the world. You have a purpose! In order to figure out your purpose, you need to check your talents. Now, you may work a job and do it extremely well but there are some things that are just naturally done perfectly by you and that is the arena you need to tap into. Your talent or God-given gift is your purpose. Your purpose is natural. It is not something you copy and surely it is not something you are not good at. So if it is that you have a natural gift of singing, surely your purpose is within the Arts. Once you tap into your purpose, you are on your way to your future. The reason why it is so important for you to find your purpose is because you will have joy executing every tasks attached. You will not be skipping every second in joy and excitement executing your purpose but surely, you will have this unspeakable peace within because it is what you were created to do. So, note this point.
  • Once you have recognized your purpose, you have to make the bold step of dismissing a few friends and make a complete life change. This is usually the hard part as we have to understand that our purpose requires certain acquaintances and for the heights of each purpose, you can’t have persons around you with a different agenda or those who are mediocre in minds and their lifestyles. It is not that you are expected to  dismiss those who have been there for you (Best Friends) from the beginning as you will need them in times when no one understands you, they are your roots but certain friend will have to leave your life. If it is that you used to stay on the phone for hours gossiping, then it is time to stop! When the acquaintances call, let them know you are busy and you will catch them around. If you keep doing this, eventually they will get the point or if it is someone you were really close to, simply tell them you can no longer have that type of friendship as your life is taking you a path that you have to remain focus. You must cut ties with those that can’t pull you when you fall back and those that can’t guide you and offer some sort of direction. In order to execute your purpose, you must align yourself with those that can add value to your purpose and ultimately, your life. If all the associates do around you is gossip, how can that contribute to your development? Can’t! You must cut ties!


  • Now you move on to the Action Plan. Every purpose must have a strategic plan. Always GO TO GOD FIRST!!! Ask God what it is He desires of you and what purpose He has for your life.


Meditation is key!
You must have a plan in place on how you are going to achieve and accomplish your purpose. It is recommended that you take it in years. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to write your goals, you can construct a strategic plan for your life NOW!
Create a five (5) year plan and work your life to achieve it! Don’t expect it to be easy and some plans will need mini plans/goals attached so it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. However you must push because your purpose must be fulfilled. To truly live, you MUST live in and on purpose or your life will be meaningless. That is exactly why suicide is so prevalent and people sit and wonder why someone would take their own life when they seem to have it all – wealth, assets, power etc. It is simply this – you need to have purpose.
FIND YOUR PURPOSE, Activate it and LIVE IT before it is too late!





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