The DANGERS of Playing With Trust!

Don’t test trust unless you are ready to receive the results !
An article was written of a woman disguising herself to be some other woman on social media as a means to test her husband of several years. 
She felt some disconnect from her husband and thought she should test what was really going on with him by creating a fake account on several social media sites. To her surprise, he fell prey to the bait and“low & below” he started an online affair with this so-called mystery woman. She thought by doing this, she would test his loyalty and ultimately his love for her. There are several things wrong with this scenario.


-The betrayal of trust
-The façade of truth
-The mind game of betrayal

A lot of persons would probably say the man is guilty too as he clearly revealed how weak he was and that he had no respect for his marriage. However,  the consequences of playing mind games to test our partners’ trust can do more than damage that one expects.  Trust is not to be tested but revealed.

This means, you don’t go searching for clues or create issues to test how loyal your partner is. If you trust someone, then stop with the games and stop playing Detective. Secondly, snooping around for some proof of your partner’s mistrust is dangerous because … if you play with fire, surely you will get burn. And I will also say if you twist up the mind of someone you claim to be in love with, you are not ready for a relationship. Back to the case of this wife. It must be said that this case was very upsetting and it is so because the wife missed the foundation of the problem. Clearly something is wrong with this marriage and instead of seeking counselling and go seek some sort of solution to the issues this marriage was facing, this wife chose to make it worse by her invention.

Now, yes the husband responded to this online affair that could possibly transform into an actual affair which suggests that his loyalty is not 100%. However, what the wife did was ten times worse as she messed with the mind of her husband and that goes way beyond mistrust.

ALL who are in a relationship and you are somewhat confused about the direction of your relationship or it could be the relationship you are in is filled with issues, take some time apart and work on your individual issues or seek professional counselling if necessary. If you have tried all you possibly can and all fails, then you have to make a decision to walk away even if you are married. I encourage healthy relationships and if you have to play Detective, you need an intervention.
Remember, if you play with fire, you will get burn.

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