3 POWERFUL Stages to COPE after a Breakup

Relationship goes in strides and because they do, it is quite possible that one partner can become weary and decides to call it a day or someone decides to cheat and that is how the cookie crumbles. But, how do you really cope and how do you heal? Ladies, how do you cope after a breakup? Do you cry all day and night or do you rip every memories with anger? Do you ladies, run into the arms of another man to heal and deal because your man left you? Gentlemen, do you escape in parties and drinking? Do you gentlemen, immediately find a female to release your pleasure box? If you do, not a good approach.
Look within yourself. Relationships are usually in our lives as a BLESSING or a lesson.

If it ended, it means it was a lesson and for you to learn that lesson or lessons, you have to spend time meditating on the relationship. Look within you and see where you went wrong. No one is perfect so at some point you would have contributed to the demise of the relationship and as a means to prevent a cycle of failed relationships, It is suggested you stop and spend time alone where you can evaluate your persona objectively. When you do this, you will vividly see the mistakes and vividly see the wrong roads you walked. You must spend time alone! YOU MUST! Don’t you dare think that to heal from a relationship, a new one will do just perfect. What will eventually happen is this – you will find yourself making comparisons whether it be openly or within your own mind and that will open a can of worms. You cannot bandage a wound until it is treated and so it is with relationships. For you to really move on, you must take the time to heal which means being alone and which means spending time via meditation to really give yourself closure.


Strengthen your relationship with God.Things always happen for a reason and for you to seek the reason, you must spend time with God. Some persons only know God when their hearts are broken and this is not a good foundation to have with God. You must have a solid foundation with God through thick and thin, in the good times and bad, in the valley and on the mountain tops. Don’t seek Him because Jim Brown walked out on you and left you “high and dry”. But, God is filled with grace and compassion and He wants you to seek Him at all times so keep that in mind. You can always go to God despite how you may feel, whether it is guilty and unworthy. 

When you wake in the mornings, get on your knees and seek His face. When you pray, go with a soul of gratitude. Let Him direct your morning and your day. Don’t just get up and on your way out, you just say “Thank you God”. No! Spend some time in the Bible and on your knees before you start the day. People make time for what is important. Don’t get too busy that God is not a priority and don’t mistake God’s grace for stupidity. You CAN NEVER fool him or use him. When you develop a habit to seek Him first as you wake in the mornings, your days will be more purpose driven and ultimately your life.

Learn your lesson with a “grain of salt”.This means, you accept what is. You may not understand what happened because as far as you know, you have been a good partner or a faithful one and out of nowhere, you are faced with a breakup. People walk away because they are not joined to you and you have to accept this. At any given moment, someone can decides that they desire someone new and they up and leave someone who has loved them more than air itself. But it is simply this – people are not God and only God will never leave nor forsake you and so you need to know that God should always be your number 1. Give no man the seat of God in your life. NONE! Learn what you need to know and move forward because one thing is sure, what is meant to be will and what is not, will never. Treat breakups like eating sugar-cane by simply sucking out the juice and spit out the trash which means to take your lesson and move on. Someone may have walked out on you and it hurts but within all the emotional pain, LEARN what you need to. It is important that you learn because it is within the lesson, your strength and ultimately your breakthrough lies.

Breakups are horrifying experiences but always remember that NOTHING just happens. Everything under the sun and the Son happens for a reason – either a Blessing or a lesson. Decide which one God sent your way and keep pushing with love in your heart. Once you still breathe, you can start a new chapter in your Autobiography.

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