3 Powerful Ways to Be Confident!

Insecurity is a curse! What it basically does is to whisper into your ears that you are not good enough or wasn’t created well enough and what is within you is not good enough. This creates havoc as persons rush off to alter their nose, butt and breasts. How can you say you love God but basically tells Him in an indirect way, that you didn’t make me perfect?
If you have alter your body by getting work done, you are ungrateful. God made you in His image and beautifully did He design you.  He made NO mistake when He created you!
Here are three (3) ways to smash insecurities.
1.       Look in the mirror and SPEAK beautiful things to you every morning. Start your day by telling yourself how much you are worth and how great you look. It is going to sound crazy but after a few days, it will feel so good that it becomes natural.
2.       Don’t compare yourself! This can be done by the words that comes from your mouth and also from the thoughts from your mind. The Bible quoted that out of the mouth flows the words of the heart. I urge you therefore to do a mental detox every day. All of us are perfect in God’s sight. He made us look different but we are wonderfully made.
3.       Get in the company of those who compliments your uniqueness and beauty. Avoid people who loves to complain about their bodies or encourages you to change this and that about your physique. Love the skin you are within. Take excellent care of your body and mind and live appreciating you every day. Being plastic will eventually dwindle away and below you will see.
 Plastic Celebrities :
Here are the result of a few who thought it was great but it failed over time!
Michael Jackson
Lil Kim
Diana Ross
 And then there are some that looks lovely but really is that really who they are? Will they always look like this?
Kim Kardashian
Nicki Minaj
K Michelle

Now, it looks lovely but is it worth it? Eventually, plastic will MELT and the real you will shock even you. Think before you act. Look in the mirror and appreciate who God has made you to be. LOVE YOURSELF!



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