5 Turn-Offs for Men When seeking a WIFE!

Dating is always the sweetest part of relationship as it evokes this emotion within that ignites a flame. However, this flame can be quickly put out if the underlining issues are not dealt with. It should not be negated that there are always exceptions.
When searching for that wife, men tend to look at Five (5) major issues and if not handled, that relationship can lead to the man cheating or an end.
#5: The “NEEDY-CRY-BABY”. A man wants to know his woman can handle her business. It is a total turn off when all the things a woman needs, she calls on her man. In essence, he wants to know she can handle herself financially. Women are supposed to be submissive but not lazy. Even if you are a stay-at-home wife/woman, do something that will generate an income.
#4: The “Plastic-Doll”. Ladies, it is all well and perfect when heading on a date to dab on some make-up and if you desire to look like a movie-star, grab a wig but when he decides to put a ring on it, he wants to know who he really would be taking home which means all that fake got to go. 


A man desires a REAL woman when he comes home.

#3: The “LAZY-Beauty-Queen”. A domesticated woman is a powerhouse. Women are supposed to be great cooks and are supposed to be meticulously clean. Don’t get it twisted men – women are not maids or slaves.  However ladies, if he is going to put a ring on it, he wants to know you can put a warm meal on the table and it is not KFC.

#2: The “AROUND-THE-BLOCK ”. Not everyone will be a virgin when getting married but when you are common that everyone knows you sexually, ladies – it is a total turn off. A man wants to know he won a trophy! He wants to know when he walks with you, he is proud. He doesn’t want to know that Tom, Dick and Harry walked through your uterus. As said, it is normal for persons to make mistakes but some women are too loose sexually.
#1: The “Sex-Prude”. Ladies, it is in your best interest to educate yourself on sex. A man desires a woman of high standards but he wants to know when he says as your husband or committed partner – do this or do, you won’t scorn it or him (once it is not immoral). Sex is wonderful when you know what pleases your man and he knows what will please you. Educate yourself DOESN’T mean go on a “sex-spree” but school yourself through research and also listen to your man. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed between you and your partner as it is what will join the two souls. This is important!!!

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