5 Turn-Offs on a First Date for Men

Ladies, heading out with your girlfriends is totally different than heading out on a date especially if it is the  1st date. Always remember this – 1st impression DOES last.  
No doubt about this, he WILL be observing you and your mannerisms and no doubt about this, he WILL make a conclusion whether you will be his “mattress”– which means someone he will sleep with for a few months until tired or you will be his “forever after” – the one is willing to give an opportunity to spend his life with.
Therefore, the 1st date is critical and if goes wrong, you will find yourself going on thousands of 1st dates and getting the repeated results.
HERE ARE THE 5 Turn-Offs

#5: Right Attire for the WRONG Occasion. Before you jump the guns and assume that your 1st date is going to the movies and then dinner, FIND OUT! If you show up to the beach in a long gown, the man will wonder if you will always embarrass him or if you are too exposed for a cocktail party, he will assume you are flirty and loves too much attention. Ensure to find out where you will be going and then research on the appropriate fashion for the occasion.
#4: Flirt too much. Be you and if being you means flirty then you need to do a personal intervention. Have something to offer the man other than sex. Have a conversation.  Ladies, you need to show a man that you can carry an intelligent conversation because you are indeed intelligent.
#3: The SELFIE Queen.  Try to focus on your date.

When all you talk about is you, you already send the wrong image and message about you. He will assume that you are indeed all about you. Ask questions and allow your date to be engaged in the moment. Don’t steal the show.

#2: Whatsapp Addict. Technology and social media can be a blessing but when it reaches the point where you are on a date and you are busy with whatsapp and instagram, that date will probably be the last one. BE present. A man admires a woman who knows how to balance and manage her life. Give your friends their time and give your man his time. Don’t try to cross the two, you will destroy that relationship before it even begins.
#1: THE Glutton. The killer can be your stomach. It is totally not okay to order one of everything from the menu because you are not paying for it or order the most expensive item on the menu.

That man will summarize how his pockets will be when dating you. Ladies, it is a total turn-off when you do this. Fix this!

Always remember that 1st impression lasts so ensure that your 1st impression won’t be your last!

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