5 Communication Mistakes Women MAKE!

Communication is an integral hinge in ANY relationship. Accordingly, communication can be a MAJOR issue if not managed well.
Men are emotional beings despite the notion of men being “tough”. It is therefore imperative for women to know when NOT to push their buttons.


#5. Your man hanging out with his friends.
Everyone needs their alone time and with that being said, when your man hanging out, don’t show yourself up. Give him space to relax and have a good time with his friends. You can be present but try to be invisible in the sense that you don’t bring up “pillow talk” unless it is an open discussion.

#4. He gets home from work!
Leave that man to meditate and unwind. Women tend to want to ask questions and talk about their day etc. If he doesn’t ask, SHUT UP! When a man gets home from a long day at work, he wants comfort and a space to be himself which means RELAX. He doesn’t want to be nagged or annoyed.

  #3. A man is angry.
Leave that man alone when he is angry at you and he tells you he doesn’t want to talk. WHY? Well, he WILL say things that may affect the relationship when the arguments die and your feelings WILL get hurt. Leave him alone! 

#2. During sex. 
Ladies, intimacy is not the forum to talk about what you are going to cook etc. SHUT IT. BE in the moment by giving your man, your full attention.

#1. When a man wants to sleep. Ladies, this will drive a man over the edge. Understand that a tired man can be an extremely angry man. It is not the time to nag and wake him to talk about issues that are not important and even if you want to talk about issues, it is in your best interest to wait.

As always, there will always be exceptions but whatever you do, communication is key but you MUST know when to use this key!

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