10 Habits of Men that ANNOY Women!

Women are gifts from God to men. A woman can be the greatest BLESSING a man can received but can also be the greatest pain if she is not treated well or her needs are neglected. Women get annoyed when basic needs are not met or tossed aside. Below are the 10 habits of men that drives women “up the wall“.
#10Easily forgets important dates. Gentlemen, it is not a sweet thing to know that you do not remember your woman’s birthday. It is even worse when you forget the anniversary.
#9: Sports take priority. As much as there are some women who are sports fanatics, it can put a strain on the bonding if you spend most of your time before ESPN.


#8: Delays in call-returns and messages. Gentlemen if you don’t desire an argument that can lead to something serious, ANSWER your phone once you can. If you can’t take her call, send a text. It is even more annoying to women when they see you online (WhatsApp) and you neglect their message(s).
#7: No compliment or compliments lessens overtime. Women get their hair and nails done because they desire their men to look at them and compliment. They go shopping to look good and even if a woman knows that she is gorgeous in whatever she wears, she wants her man to compliment her.
#6: Having tons of female friends. Women likes to know that they are number 1. This position is threatened when a man has tons of female friends and he has to give each attention and

this can be a huge pothole in the relationship. If it is that you, gentlemen, know a lot of females, try your best to manage your amicable life from your intimate. Your intimate relationship should always take importance over amicable relationships.

#5: Hiding your phone while texting. Gentlemen, women know that you are hiding your text because if it is not important, you will even show your woman your phone. Women study habits and when one habit is off, she knows. Here is the thing, if you have to hide, you are already cheating. Unless it is that you are planning a surprise party for your woman, you have no reason to hide.
#4: Busy all the time. EVERY woman loves and desires attention and affection. No woman wants a man that lacks ambition unless she herself is not ambitious. But a man who is swamped in work that he neglects the needs of his woman can create detrimental issues for the relationship.
#3: Lazy.This is a total turn-off! Yes women are habitually the ones to do the house-cleaning, washing and cooking. But when the woman has to do it while the man lays in bed all day, no doubt the woman will get annoyed. Gentlemen, HELP her!
#2: LIES.  A woman can smell a lie from a mile off. She will even play the game well until the man traps himself. This is a total annoyance because most of the times when a woman questions a man about an issue, she already know the truth and have evidence of the truth.


#1: The SELFISH MISER. If you are selfish and mean, she will think of either cheating or leaving. Gentlemen, it is more than gifts and taking her out, she wants to know you have her back. A woman will be  independent but she will also be observing your behaviour to see if you still see it necessary to take care of her. If not, she will find someone who will.

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