3 POWERFUL Stages on How to Handle a Jealous Man!

Women are said to be highly emotionally and demanding in emotional wants and needs and when expectations are not met or lines are crossed, women tend to act out in the form of anger and jealousy.


This notion however, applies also to the male gender as men are jealous of their women and some even take it to the extreme where they harm their women.


HOW do you handle a jealous man?

Stage 3: Express Yourself. Ladies, if it is that your man is jealous of every man he sees you talk to, understand that you have a man with low self-esteem and that can border on abuse if not handled from the get-go. When he acts up, don’t just sit and cry about it, state respectfully how you feel. It is not fair to be imprisoned by any human and their insecurities. Talk about it.  Another thing to note is that jealousy most times branches from mistrust. For a relationship to be fully healthy and fulfilling, you have to trust your partner and your partner MUST trust you. If not, the relationship won’t survive. You create this type of relationship by first creating a friendship because it is in the dry season of your relationship, your friendship will sustain the relationship. Express yourself!

Stage 2: Involve your partner in your daily activities. Persons often think that when you tell your partner of your moves, it is like a child reporting to the parents. No, it is a means to build trust and strengthen the foundations of your relationship. Ladies, if it is that you are going to hang out with your girlfriends, inform your man. Don’t let him call you and then it create problems.  Always remember to treat your man as you desire him to treat you. To eliminate drama and arguments, simply pick up the phone and let him know. It also shows importance and respect. Accordingly, try your best at most times to do things together like shopping, going to the movies, going to the gym etc. When you do things together, you create a relationship of intimate bonding.
Stage 1: Make your man your King. Treat your man like royalty so when he sees you around other men, he will feel secure knowing who he is to you and his treatment differs from the regular folks around because it is evident.  When you treat your man like how you treat with your other male friends and even girlfriends, that will create issues. Establish the role of your man and treat him accordingly. When you are out with your man, let others know that this is your man. Don’t be introducing your man as your friend – that most definitely will evoke arguments. Your man must be treated like a King and he must accordingly treat you like the Queen you are!

P.S. If your man is jealous to the point where he abuses you, make a decision to leave or stay but just know that in staying, it might cost you your life.



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