5 Reasons Women Cheat!

It is believed by many that only men cheat but studies done have shown that women are also culprits and dangerous ones too. The difference between men and women on this issue is – a man will cheat for no reason but it takes a lot for a woman to cheat. Simply because of the emotional attachment it will entail. So, gentlemen, when a woman cheats, keep in mind the work she had to put in to make it happen but also, look into yourself as man to analyse why your woman would cheat.

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS!
#5: Lies. Women can sense a lie a mile away. Gentlemen, if you are always feeding her lies, eventually she is going to get tired and find someone who will feed her truth.
#4: No Romance. A woman loves to be pursued even after being in a relationship. Women desire to stay relevant and wanted. Gentlemen, you must invest your creativity, time and yes – your money to ensure your woman feels special. For this reason, it is best to have ONE woman or surely it will cost you. Buy your woman some sexy underwear, buy her candy and have it delivered to her office with a huge bouquet. If you won’t sweep her off her feet, she will fantasize on it and act on it with someone else.
#3: Non-Emotional. Non -Responsive. If you are always in this serious mode where you can’t relate on an emotional level with your woman, she is going to get frustrated. If she shares something with you that affects her and you pass it off like you don’t care or it is not that important, she will find someone else who will listen.

#2: Selfish. A real man knows that his woman is a priority. With that being said, he should make it his priority to ensure all her needs are met. If you are a miser, stay away from a serious relationship. Even if a woman is independent, she needs a man who will still take care of her.


#1:  Too busy to give Loving. EVERY woman loves attention! If you are not finding time to spend with her to romance her, to take her out, she eventually WILL (NO DOUBT ABOUT IT) cheat. A woman knows that a man makes time for what is important to him.

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