5 Turn-Offs on the First Date for Women!

The 1st date is always important as it is the start of a potential relationship. It is extremely major to note that 1st impression DO last and what you do on that date will affect the progression of a potential relationship. What you settle for in the beginning cannot be change in the future or is much difficult to change when a relationship is indeed established.


Gentlemen, this is for YOU!
So, the woman you have fixed your eyes on for the last several months or even years finally agree to go on a date with you. She said yes to the date but what now? How do you groom yourself for this date? How do you ensure your role as a man is seen, respected and appreciated? How do you prepare yourself for this 1st date?
Here are the TOP 5 TURN-OFFS for Women:
#5: Greed. Gentlemen, just as you observe her behaviour to and with food, she is also watching YOU. Be conscious of how much you consume.  Try to order a balanced portion of food. Women have no need for a man with a “belly greed“.
#4: Awful Table Manners. A woman will watch to see how you handle yourself while holding a conversation. Now, I can understand that after thirty minutes, someone can become totally comfortable in good company but you should never negate from the fact that you are indeed on a date, and respect is an imperative factor. 
Gentlemen, avoid the following:
  • ·         Talking/laughing with food in your mouth
  • ·         Burps that echoes a BOOM BOX
  • ·         Sucking/chewing on bones
  • ·         Loud laughter
#3: Embarrassing Attire. Gentlemen, a woman adores a man that knows his fashion. Before you assume you should put on your favourite suit, ask questions. Ensure to know where you are going and then dress accordingly. It is not impressive when you turn up in a tuxedo to a beach dinner or a simple T-Shirt and shorts to a cocktail party.
#2: Gazing everywhere & the SEX talk.All women desire to be the “Centre of Attention”! If you are taking her out for the first time and your eyes seem to be everywhere but on her, she is ready to leave because right there in that moment, she will conclude that you are a flirt and clearly, you are not interested in her. If the conversation is all about sex, she will conclude what you are about and no doubt she is ready to cut the date short!
#1: Asking to split the bill. This one will surely kill the chemistry if there was one and a sure way to end all communication. A man is supposed to know his responsibility even if the woman you are taking out is Oprah Winfrey who is one of the wealthiest. Understand that a miser will always be alone. 

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