10 Ways To Make Your Woman fall IN LOVE With You!

Most women are emotional. They love to be in love and they love when their men make them feel loved. Saying “I love you”is not enough sometimes but when your actions stands out, no doubt that woman will feel your heart and surely, she will reciprocate. 
Here are some great guidelines.

#10: Romantic picnic. 

Choose a romantic setting like a secluded park. Ensure to find out her favourite snacks and wine. Surprise her by blindfolding her to the venue.
#9: Exotic vacation.
There are so many exotic places in the world to vacate but if you are blessed to live in one such as Jamaica, plan a vacation to Negril. Guess what? You wouldn’t have to do much work, the hotel staff is there for that. All that would be required is that you pay. I am sure your woman is worth it.
#8: Become the sexy Chef.
Pasta is easy to cook and is very exotic but find out what food your woman enjoys and then learn how to cook it. If you have no idea about cooking, YouTube is a great educational resource – use it! Create the atmosphere of a romantic 5-star restaurant by setting the table, light some candles, set the mood with some real “old skool” souls. If you do this right, she will be making love to you all night.
#7: Transform the bedroom into a midnight Spa.
A body massage is known to be extremely sensual. Get the oils and get them warm, light the candles that enchant with their aromas. Oil down her body from her neck down to her toes. No doubt that love zone will be lit.

#6: Flowers & Candy to her Heart.
Women love to be adored publicly by their men. If this package of her favourite candy and flowers is done to perfection and delivered to her at work, she will no doubt be blushing and can’t wait to show you how grateful she is.
#5: Spoil her.
Women love to shop. No better way to express indirectly how much you embrace her feminine side by giving her the tools freely to shop-MONEY. Take your woman shopping.

#4: GIFTS.
Get a nice piece of jewellery just for being your woman. Don’t wait for her Birthday or Valentine’s Day to get her a nice gift, do it today because you are most grateful to have her in your life.
#3: Escape with her.
Get rid of the distractions (friends, cell phones etc.) and actually spend time with her. Make time to play board games, watch a movie or simply just lying and talking in bed cuddly.

#2: Make her SECURED by making her RELAXED.
She gets home from probably a long stressful day at work, just simply help her to undress and get her in some comfy clothes. Once she is settled in, let her know you don’t want her to do nothing so order some food. Get some music on that is soothing and let her lay on your chest. Ensure your woman always feel safe, loved and appreciated.

#1: Date her.
You could be together for a decade, always date your woman. This will definitely keep the chemistry alive. Get her a gift certificate to go get her hair and nails done. When she gets home, leave a sexy dress with some really sensual shoes and a note with instructions on where she needs to be by 8pm. Get creative!

Gentlemen, appreciate your women. They spend their lives to ensure you are well taken care of, so spend your lives showing them how grateful you are.


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