A relationship needs ONE ingredient to survive – GOD.
What does that mean? God is the first relationship ALL should have. It is important for one to spend time with Him, building a relationship with Him and giving Him 1st priority. WHY?


Well, it is in this relationship, you will learn to be faithful, you will learn to trust, you will learn to be kind without strings attached and most importantly, to be true to who you are. You need this foundation to have healthy relationships whether it be amicable or intimate with others.  As stated, you do this by spending time with your Bible because within those pages, HE will reveal who He is and what He desires of you.

When you have developed spiritually and have mastered the foundation stages, you are then ready for an amicable and an intimate relationship. You will need love. Love is the solution to ALL our problems. Love teaches us to be patient and kind but it also teaches us to be humble, true and forgiving. A lot of relationships have failed simply because love wasn’t in the middle but rather it was lust. There is a BIG difference between love and lust. Lust will fade because it mostly physical (fleshly) while love is spiritual. Love is not sexual but rather intimate.

You need to have love in your relationship. Not the love that is portrayed on TV but the love that gives its soul – the love that is shown in the scriptures where Jesus gave His life so sinners can be saved. Love is not about what you can get but rather what difference you can make in someone’s life. A lot of times, persons enter relationship because they need attention or they need money but they offer nothing. Love doesn’t take! It gives! What you need to understand is that true love within intimate relationship is not to collect money or sex. It not about getting naked and getting down to business but rather, it is undressing your soul.  

What does that mean?
It means when in a committed relationship, you can be faithful, you can trust without doubts, you can give without expectations and you can be who you truly are without feeling judged. Now, a lot of persons believe that love is pain and love is wicked because it hurts. Some even believe that only a fool can trust another human. While love can have some amount of pain, it is not wicked and it is not suspicious. Love takes SACRIFICE.  The issue is, no one wants to sacrifice because of fear of being hurt and the love sent out won’t be reciprocated. That is exactly why you need that foundation with God because when love is true, it has NO fear. NONE! So, even if not reciprocated, you can forgive and you can let go without feelings of hate and regrets to a failed relationship. God is indeed love and without love, there is no point getting involve with another.

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