10 Things Happy Couples Do!

No relationship is perfect but some couples make it their priority to ensure they have a healthy relationship.


Here are Ten (10) things happy couples do:

#1: Go to bed together.  Make it a habit to fall asleep together with each other. Always tell your partner how much you are grateful for being with him/her and express your sincere love.

#2: Do things of similar interest together. Find that thing that both you and your partner enjoy and do it often!

#3: Make TRUST and FORGIVENESS the centre of your relationship.  Learn to trust your partner and give them the comfort to be themselves, to hang out with friends and others. When arguments flare (and they WILL), forgive when it is all over and forget!

#4: Show your affection. Don’t expect your partner to know how you feel about them, show it! Show how much you appreciate them.

#5: Communicate effectively. Don’t leave out information but have an understanding with each other when you talk on and about matters. Communication is key in relationship. Understand who you are with and communicate within their personality. Don’t expect ladies, your man to be your girlfriend.

#6: Make love on the regular. Sex is crucial in a relationship. Sex is known to be the stress-reliever. It connects your soul with your partner. It is must be done within the moral frame where it is with ONE partner only. When sex steps outside the boundaries, the consequences are SOUL-TIES.

Read on Soul-Ties by clicking >>>  Soul-Ties
#7: Do random acts of kindness. Don’t wait on special occasions to give gifts but give everyday once you can.
#8: Date on a regular. Try to go out with each other often. Try to enjoy each other by going to

movies, dinners or even to just go for a drive.

#9: Play. Yes play! Relationship is most healthy when both partners can be extremely comfortable with each other and yes they can act the “fool” and have fun doing so.
#10: Support each other. When you support the dreams and push the goals of your partner, it bonds the relationship tighter. If your partner desires to be the next President of the Unites States of America but right now he is just a simple working man, just remember Barack Obama was a just an Attorney but his push-factor was Michelle Obama who stood behind his dream and that made ALL the difference.

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