How to Start YOUR Day by Your Words!

It is often quoted that “sticks and stones may break bones but word can’t harm” … well that is A LIE!
Words create and yes, they can destroy. God created the universe by His voice and His Word. It was never once quoted in the scriptures of God mixing cement and loading bricks to create the world but He used His Word and He passed this unto us humans. We, therefore, are the ones in charge of our destinies by the words we speak over our lives and over others. With that being said, are you frustrated being depressed? Do you desire a new life with great blessings and miraculous peace? Have you ever experienced peace, unconditional love? If no, maybe it is your thoughts and words that are your primary BLOCKER. If you desire a life of peace and uncommon favour, your thoughts will need to be adjusted which ultimately will alter your words.
In essence, you have to reset your entire life.
I will show you in THREE (3), only 3 simple steps how to use your words to shape your life and ultimately, your destiny in a positive way.
Step 1: When you get up in the morning, stay away from technological devices – NO tablet, no cell phone. Simply lay on your back in your bed and meditate. Allow God to flow through your mind. Decide then and there that you are going to have a GREAT day and you are going to think positive despite all the craziness that is about to hit you at work and even in traffic heading back home. Keep your thought pure. PRAY and if you must read, check your Bible not whatsapp. It is not difficult. It is all up to you and it is all up to you to decide to block all things and people who takes negative energy and vibes your direction.
Step 2: Speak to yourself right throughout the day. Now, I am not saying you should do this so everyone hears because surely, they would alert someone to contact the rehab centre. I am saying, whenever you  get some alone time or even when you visit the restroom, simply just whisper over your breath to yourself and remind yourself you love yourself and how great you are. HUG YOURSELF TOO! Speak it into your system until you believe it and even when you do believe it, still speak positive to yourself. You have to encourage yourself. Sometimes that is the missing piece in our lives. We are waiting for someone to compliment us or tells us how much they believe in us and when that expectation is not met, we blame the world for our failures and stagnant life. I am saying, push yourself to be great in mind, body and spirit by simply using your words.
Step 3: Unload and reset your mind every night before you sleep. Don’t take hatred or anger to bed with you. Whatever happen throughout the day that cause you to be burdened when it is time to sleep, pray on it and if needs be, call the individual and say sorry. Sometimes, we are too proud to say sorry and that is one major detestable habit God speaks on. God hates pride. If during the day, there was tension between you and someone or even within your intimate relationship and you are aware that  your words offended the individual, you have the right to go to the individual and apologize. This is so critical in spiritual growth because the very scriptures quoted that God instructed us to drop our sacrificial gift(s) and make peace with our brothers and sisters before we offer him any gifts. It demonstrates humility to its highest level.
Make peace before you sleep and wakeup in a new day with a renewed mind and spirit.
Your words are the key to your destiny. Develop the habit of watching your words. Watch your mouth like a mother over her newborn. Be mindful of your thoughts because it is from your thoughts that you speak. Judge yourself and if you see thoughts that are unkind and that will bring no good reward, remove it by thinking on all the good things in your life.

Live in gratitude!


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