10 Acts of Kindness to do NOW to save the Romance in Your Relationship

The Bible reminds us that we change the world by what we do, the little acts. It is the same within our romantic relationships, we invest to keep it blooming and growing healthy by the little things we do or don’t do. You must first understand your partner and what makes he/she ticks and what don’t then you act accordingly through the ACTS OF KINDNESS strategy.



Below are 10 Acts of Kindness that can keep the fire burning in your romantic relationship. 


#1. Compliments. Ensure to compliment your partner at all times. Pay attention to your partner so when they make a change in their appearance, you can offer a compliment and be genuine about it.
#2: Cook a romantic meal. It demonstrates that you care deep enough to commit yourself to cook a meal that your partner loves and will surely appreciate.



#3: Love Letters. This is a “cute” way to make your partner smile. Write love letters at least once every Two (2) weeks.

#4: Do a movie night together. Find a movie that you both will enjoy watching. There is something

about watching a movie that bonds a couple closer.
#5: Touch. Embrace your partner at random – it could be they are brushing their teeth or combing their hair. But touch your partner in a way that demonstrates your appreciation. It could be a hug or a gentle kiss on the cheek or forehead.
#6: Compile a book of love notes and pictures. Give this as a random gift. It is a creative way to retain and treasure memories shared.
#7: Create a romantic CD. Compile a playlist of all the songs that reminds you of your partner and that your partner enjoys.
#8: Buy a gift. Go out and get something you have been hearing your partner saying he/she wants.
#9: Surprise vacation/trip. Plan a a romantic vacation/trip – somewhere you are sure your partner will love.
#10: Say I LOVE YOU at the strangest times – like when your partner is in the shower or cleaning the house.

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