5 MAJOR things Men SHOULD know about Women!

Women are most times classified as highly emotional and because of this notion, women are often times viewed as the complicated sex. If closely analysed, it will be clear that women are actually simple.

Below are Five (5) major things that men should try to understand and know.
#5: When a woman is upset with you and she tells you that she doesn’t want you near her, she really needs you around. Unless she slaps you, don’t hesitate to show affection. Gentlemen, when you are wrong, do things like buy her a gift or make her breakfast to soothe the argument and kill the malice. Don’t just leave the argument to fester but do acknowledge that you are wrong and try to make up for it. If you are in the right, still try to show affection. It is always best to talk and not argue over issues.
#4: A woman knows when you are lying. It is like she has a built-in lie-detector. She knows. She simply just knows. A woman can look at you trying to make up a story filled with lies and just sit and let you fabricate your fairy-tale. It is indeed best to tell the truth but it is in your best interest to not lie to a woman who loves you. Why? She will know you are lying – it is felt in her heart.

#3: Women are jealous and detest feeling compared or less than. Every woman wants to know and feel like they are special and beautiful. When you are comparing her or giving compliments to other women and neglecting the beauty of your own woman, she will act out because she is JEALOUS!
#2: Women are territorial. No one wants to feel side-tracked or tossed aside when friends are around or even family. Gentlemen, if it is that you have a female friend, try your very best to create a line of demarcation between times spent. This simply means, your friend needs to understand and respect that when your partner is around, she needs to either disappear or appear to be invisible. No woman likes to be disrespected. This will created major havoc if not managed well.
#1: Women are “romance saps”. Women love to be “wine & dine”. Don’t deny your woman attention and affection and NEVER I say NEVER deny your woman of sex. If she wants you make some serious love to her, DO IT regardless of how tired you are! The same rules apply to men, apply to women – what you won’t do gentlemen, another man will.

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