5 MAJOR things Women SHOULD know about Men!

Men are known to be “tough” and “in-charge”. They are labelled soft if seen showing any sort of emotions other than “macho”. This place a high expectation on the gender.
Below are Five(5) major things women should try and understand and know.

#5: Men desire to be complimented. It adds to his confidences ladies, when you take the time to

notice his style and appreciate it. Don’t keep your mouth closed, compliment your man ALL THE TIME. If you don’t, some other female will.

#4: Men desire respect. It is disrespectful to your man when you flirt with other men especially in the presence of your man. If you find yourself desiring someone else, you need to do a self-evaluation and decide if you are actually ready for a committed relationship.

#3: Men HATE lies! If your man finds out that you lied to him about something, he will lose trust and everything you say after that even when it is the truth, will be considered to be lies. Mistrust leads to one or two things – abuse or breakup. It is best to be honest.

#2: Men despise nagging!  The Bible quoted that it is best for a man to stay on the roof of his house than to be in a house with a woman who bickers at everything. Ladies, not every issue should be talked about. Sometimes, it is best to see things and IGNORE.

#1: Men are emotional and are sexual! Women are known to be the emotional gender and men to be the

“macho”. It is not okay to say anything in anger and that man is to take it and understand ladies, that you are emotional. Your man is not a robot, he is a human being just as you are. Be mindful of your words as you would want him to do the same!
Men think on sex 80% of their day! Ladies, you need to understand that. They are sexual and it is for you to ensure your relationship is healthy by meeting your man half way!


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