5 GREAT Reasons to have more INTIMACY in YOUR Intimate Relationship!

Sex is extremely important to intimate relationship. It must be done within the moral frame and it must not be scorned or frowned upon. It is indeed a spiritual experience.
Here are 5 reasons intimacy is important to relationship:
#1: It is the soul connector! It is a sure way to bring two(2) souls together and a sure way to join you to someone. It is must be done within he moral frame or you could tie yourself to STD.
#2: It lessens tension. If you and your partner had a fight, once you understand your partner, try to
ease some of the tension with some love-making. Some men do not like to feel bribed so, as stated, understand who you are in a relationship with ladies. It is quite the same for the ladies, gentlemen.
#3: Great means to burn calories. Sex is exercise especially if you and your partner are creative love-bunnies.
#4: The best means to great sleep! Sex does something to the body that puts it in relax mode once there is an orgasm.
#5: It releases stress and put a smile on a dull face! Sex boosts moods and it is recommended by Doctors for intimate couples to indulge and do so very often.
A lot of the issues that plagues committed relationship and marriage is the based on sex. Couples need to understand that there is power within sex and that it is why is extremely important for couples to be educated on sex and practice sex!

2 thoughts on “5 GREAT Reasons to have more INTIMACY in YOUR Intimate Relationship!

  1. Anonymous says:

    instead of using the word “lessens” try reduce,also for the calories burned it would be interesting if the reader knew how much. just to draw the reader in more and be attentive.
    Love it thought 😉


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