Technology is indeed a great blessing as it connects people in an extremely unique way. We now have devices that do almost everything for us. Whilst this indeed is a great change, it can also be a viewed as a great disaster. While we love our technological device, we can actually be paying so much attention to technological devices that we negate and even forsake human bonding.
Communication is the pivotal point in ALL relationship! It is that imperative ingredient and if this is tampered with, then relationship  is in crisis. As it is relationship is in a huge bind as communication is now emails and whatsapp messages, dating is now cyber, even love-making has been replaced. 
Here are three(3) POWERFUL ways to prevent technology from destroying your relationships.
  • Go on dates and ENJOY it! The point of the experience is to get to know someone, to have fun and to also to enjoy someone’s company. Avoid therefore, using phones at dinner and actually invest your time in someone else other than “selfies“. Technology has become overrated and has also become a major deterrent to healthy bonding.
  • Address issues face-to-face! When there is a problem, rather than texting, ask and agree with the individual to meet up and actually talk about it. It is extremely different than texting and even extremely different when you Skype. There is power in communicating verbally and in person.

  • Do activities that doesn’t involve technology! Spend time to cultivate healthy bonding by doing activities other than texting and social media. Go to the beach, watch a movie, play a board game. We have become a generation that is so attached to technological devices that we even forget that we are humans and not machines and because of this fact, we do NEED human bonding. Technology is a means to communicate effectively and efficiently when distance is a factor but  it is also a destructive movement if it completely replace how we bond and communicate naturally with words and physical touch.
Technology is a great movement to inform and educate the masses. It is also a great means to bring forth positive energy and messages but it must not replace our humanity – our need to touch, talk and bond. 

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