The Power of “I am”

I am is the most POWERFUL phrase ever created. Words are powerful as it was words that God used to create the world we now occupy and it was words He used to create man. God gave us the same authority!
You are therefore powerful!
Your words are therefore what hold you hostage and as a result, you have to watch the words that come from your mouth. Accordingly, your words are a direct link to what is within your heart. Start today by cleaning the clutter and garbage from your heart and think on all things good. Yes, the

world is negative and yes the situations around us are quite depressing but I urge you to push yourself beyond the norm and speak positivity into your life. What you say after the words ” I am” will shape your life. Instead of speaking negative about yourself and others, add something powerfully positive when you use the words ” I am“.

Instead of saying I am sick, say “I am healed“.
Instead of saying I am depress, say “I am blessed“.

Instead of saying I am broke, say “I am wealthy“.


Shift your life by implementing these simple habits.

  • ·         MEDITATE! Once you are awake, meditate on all things good and PRAY! Prayer is one effective means to kick-start your day.  
  • ·         Speak positive words to yourself and to others.
  • ·         Constantly guard your heart from negative energy by simply keeping distance from those who see the glass as half empty. Stay away from gossip!
  • ·         Before you head to bed, meditate and be grateful. Release yourself from the day by letting it go. So if for any reason, someone offended you during the day, forgive them (even if it means calling them or messaging them with an apology).



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