When God says NO!

It is most difficult to hear a no when you are beseeching a yes to something you have been praying about for days, for months and even for years.
It is most difficult for you to hear a no when you have been planning a wedding and all the planning comes to a halt.
It is hard for a company to let you go after years of dedication and service and you thought you would receive a promotion.
It is difficult is always difficult to hear no when you desire a yes.

But don’t be despair, God always have a major plan and He promised NEVER to forsake you. You may be in a place where you think God has forgotten you and it seems like He is blessing everyone but you, even those who never even thought to praise Him but don’t be despaired, God is a just God and in His perfect timing, He will deliver His promises.  You may be asking for a promotion on your job and instead, they lay you off, it could be that God is turning your eyes on other doors to knock.

Could it be that God is saying it is time you start your own empire? It could be that someone you loved with all within decided that he/she doesn’t want you anymore and walks away. Could it be that God is saying to you, spend time with me and I will give you the perfect partner – one who will never even think to leave your side? It could be that you are ill to the point where death is 1 second away and you have been reaching out to Heaven and it seems God has forgotten you. Could it be that God desires to use this illness as a means to display His healing power and also a means to strengthen your faith in Him?
When God says NO, it is indeed a hard pill to swallow but I encourage you take a huge gulp and swallow! Cuts hurt and when treated, it hurts even more but after a few treatments, it heals and sometimes so perfectly that you never even knew there was a cut. Trust Him, He is more than able to take care of you and He will. Just, trust Him!
So what do you do when a door slams in your face?
Simply seek other doors to open and while doing so, keep praying, keep having faith and keep offering your gratitude and your praise.
Keep giving and keep going!

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