7 Steps to Make Peace with your Past!

One of the weakest utterances from man is “easier said than done”. You can achieve ANYTHING once you set your mind to it and that is no metaphor, it is a solid truth! In order for you to move peacefully towards your future, you must address your past. If not, you will face a future similar to that of your past. You must look your past in the face and deal with the issues before you can start anew!
Whether it be a heartbreak or a bad decision selecting a career you hate, you must go to the history of your life to prevent future mishaps! A lot of persons run from their past and some even go to the extent of pretending it never existed. That is dangerous because what will happen is you re-living the

same experiences. You cannot have change if you are not willing to look at the problem inside-out and take a different route. This is so important to God as He quoted within the scriptures that before you offer Him anything, you must ensure you have no issues between you and someone.
Matthew 5:23-24 So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

You must make peace with your past and below are the guidelines in making amends with your past.
Sit & Meditate.
You need to reflect on everything and one major way to enact this reflection is meditation. Being still is one of the most powerful things you can do to foster change. Accordingly, learn to sit by yourself, with yourself and your thoughts and BREATHE! This will allow you to see life as a mirror.
Write the problem down.
When you are doing this exercise, ensure to write the problem out thoroughly, the names of those who hurt you  and the names of those you hurt – leave no stones unturned. This means, writing exactly what happened.
Bring the problem to God in prayer.
Take that list and pray over it asking God to give you the strength, the peace within and the love to face the offences you committed and to forgive those that hurt you in some way or the other. Now, if it is that the issue you are having is one with yourself, you have to ask God for strength to forgive yourself. Whatever it is that caused your life to be upside down, you MUST take it to God in prayer. He has the right to know even though He already knows. It shows your respect and love for Him.
Face the problem.
This is the crucial step! This means, you get the individual before you who you have offended, talk about the issue(s) and you ask them to forgive what you have done to them and if it is that you have been hurt by someone, you get in the company of the individual, talk about the issue(s) and then release yourself by forgiving the individual. If it is that you have offended yourself by making bad decisions, you need to talk with yourself and yes I mean TALK and say to yourself that you forgive yourself and from  now on , you will allow God to direct your decision-making.
New Goals for a NEW journey.
Get a new sheet of paper out and write down the goals you now desire for your life.
Take it to God in prayer.
This prayer between you and your father is really to ask Him to direct your steps whilst allowing His Will for your life to be done.
A – Actions
C – Change
T – Things
Yes, start with your first goal and overtime, your future will take a different shape and appearance!

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