The Importance of Having Standards for Your Life!

Standards are rules and regulations that are used to govern and guide behaviour. Accordingly, it is highly important and recommended that you establish standards for your life to live on purpose and not by accident. When you develop and exercise this, you create a life that is more fulfilling and purposeful.
Your life should be broken to the following categories:
Below are 4 POWERFUL ways to create standards.

  • What are your like/dislike? Sit with yourself and ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself about it. It is best to write them down as a means to let it soak in you. Use the categories above to guide you.
  • Assure yourself! You have to encourage yourself to become what you desire. You therefore will have to speak your standards to yourself to believe in them. You basically “breathe life” into your standards.

  • Decisions! You have to then make decision(s) to follow your standards. Accordingly, it may require you deciding to end a toxic relationship/friendship. If your standards conflict with those you surround yourself, you need to surround yourself with new company. If it is that your job goes against your morals, it is time to consider a new job. Decision are crucial in setting standards for your life and to ensure you make sound decisions, you will be required to stay spiritually plugged-in. This means, you need to ensure God is the one making the decisions for you and one way to welcome Him into your life is to practice meditation.
  • Act on purpose! Decide to follow your standards even if the world is against your standards. If it is that you are in a relationship that is belittling you and weighing you down and this is debasing your standards, you have to decide, on purpose, what you are going to do.
Standards are important and without your own, your life will be shaped around those of others. Start today. Reset your life by creating NEW boundaries with NEW standards!

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