3 POWERFUL Steps stating what to do when God is Silent!

God is always with you and He sees and knows everything – how you feel, how others treat you etc. However, there are times when He remains silent and it is simply because, during a test, the Teacher remains silent and observe. It is never easy to walk through the “shadow of death” and God seems not be around but God is ALWAYS around even when He says nothing.
 So what do you do when God is silent?
Do the right thing.  It won’t be easy to be upright when the world seems to be going against you and your world seems to be upside down but that is when your faith will really be tested. When your back is against the wall, will you continue to be good, do good and live in truth as you were when everything seemed perfect? God tests our characters to see if we are true to our promises to Him and if we will remain true when He “seems”to be missing. Below are 3 POWERFUL steps on how to walk through the valleys as though you are walking on mountains.
Step 1: Pray. God desires you to talk to Him. He doesn’t want you to be in misery and depression but He wants you to COME to Him and lay your troubles down at His feet. When God is silent, He is giving you an opportunity to implore His presence even more. In other words, He is pushing you beyond the spiritual level you reside.
Step 2: Praise. Sing and dance like you have no problems in the world. The devil would have you in a corner crying and have you in a room depressed but push yourself beyond yourself and delight yourself in the presence of the Lord by singing, dancing in truth – worship Him despite everything that is going bad.


Step 3: Go out! One way the devil uses and he really works this trait – is to tell you that everything is going bad and you may as well stay home and stay away from people. This belief should be dismantled right NOW. It is not that you should pretend like everything in your life is perfect but when you decide to live your life joyfully despite all the things you are going through, it proves to God how much you trust Him and that is when He will step in and fix what needs to be fixed and address what needs to be addressed.
When God is silent, He is really saying-do the right thing despite my voice or my silence.

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