Can Men and Women Be "Just Friends"?

An inter-gender friendship can be dangerous if CLEAR lines of demarcation are not made visible. It is indeed possible for a male and a female to be great friends but it also opens the door for emotional attachments ultimately resulting in intimate moments.

Below are the 3 POTENTtips on how to manage your friendship with opposite sex:

#1: Respect each other lives. It is totally unacceptable to believe that you are a priority when you see your friend (male/female) with their significant other. For example, when a man takes his lady on a date, it is not okay for his female best friend to show up and believe it is okay to be a part of the dining experience. That is disrespectful and also sends the wrong message to the significant other and also to the friend. Equally ladies, it is not okay for your guy friend to believe he can call you or show up any time of the night when you are involved in a relationship. It will give the wrong impression to the man you are with.
#2: Keep physical touch afar! It is totally unacceptable for friends to sleep together (male and woman) all wrapped up. It is also totally unacceptable to take baths together. Accordingly, it is extremely dangerous when both parties are emotionally vulnerable to be around each other as both parties are susceptible and this can lead directly to sex. It is okay to hug a friend and a basic friendly kiss on the cheek is normal in some cultures but all things must be done within the culture and within its limits. A kiss in Paris on the cheek is a greeting and so a man will be strolling with his partner and a male friend of hers come up and kisses her on the cheek to say hello and he thinks nothing of it. However, if the coin flips and a Jamaican man walking with his partner and a male friend walks up and kisses her on the cheek that is an immediate fight. With that being said, a friend must be treated like a friend and not like an intimate partner.

#3: Limit quality time spent! It is perfectly okay to spend time with those who are special in your life. What is unacceptable is when your friends get all the time you should be investing in God, yourself and your actual partner or a potential partner. The more time spent, is the more dangerous it can get as both parties will get more and more attached.
It is perfectly normal to abort all the guidelines if you intend to be with someone but if you intend to keep it an amicable (friendly) level, pay close attention to the guidelines above!

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