3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Hunt a Relationship!

Time is a pivotal factor in one’s life especially when they are of strong conviction that the clock is against them. With that being said, many persons after age thirty (30) believe that they need to have it together – a marriage, a family, kids, career, wealth. And because of this demand, they put unnecessary fire upon their drive to

establish these things.  A strong relationship is probably the most important asset of one’s life and because of the importance society has placed on this facet of life; persons will do almost anything including hunt, stalk and murder to ensure they have one. Persons regardless of what they say or even portray, desire to be loved and accepted but hunting a relationship like a predator will leave you in a worse condition.

Below are 3 COMMANDING Reasons You Should NEVER hunt a Relationship:

#1:You become vulnerable to the point you have NO standards! No man or woman desire someone who is not sure who they are or what they desire. If you lack standards, you have nothing to offer and that is unhealthy. A lot of persons subscribe to the notion that a relationship completes you. NO! You must be a complete person so when you are actually in a relationship, you don’t seek happiness but you actually GIVE of your joy.
#2:You become demanding! When you are desperate, you start requesting superfluous demands like always wanting the person around you and/or their full attention at all times etc. This is a definite turn-off and will result in a termination of a potential relationship.
#3:You open yourself to be used, abused and disrespected. When you are desperate, usually persons can detect that and some persons will take full advantage of that weakness and use you to the point of no return.
Time is indeed a major factor of life but don’t allow the demands of society to push you into a state where you put unnecessary pressure on your life to be in a relationship or to be married. First appreciate you, spend time with you, and DATE you before giving the privilege to another to be with you. Being with you should be an honor.


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