5 MAJOR Reasons to Consider Online Dating!

Online dating has been stigmatized to be dangerous and a waste of time as nothing stable and real ever evolves. But with changing times and the vast improvement of technology, persons are seeing the value and some are reaping the benefits of meeting new friends, lifetime-partners and even experiencing an experience that takes you into other cultures.
Social media is indeed expanding daily and has now become so addictive and as a result, online
dating sites are zooming in on this and making this tool into a powerful force. They see that persons spend most of their times on public transportation, stuck in traffic, at school and at work which makes the chance of really meeting and getting to know someone almost impossible. Life has become busy  with the need for change and expansion of technology and with that said, below are five (5) MAJOR reasons to consider online dating to simplify the dating process.


The ball is in YOUR court!
#5: No attachments. You are not burdened down as you have the option to either take it further or simply dismiss respectfully that you desire to no longer take it further.
#4: MANY Options. You are opened to look into several different countries and cultures to really find that special person. You might try an American and after a few chats, you decide that you want to date this person on a serious level and you could try an English man or woman and feel different. It gives you CHOICES!
#3: You are given background information! Persons are forced to complete questions on most online dating sites and what this does, is to give a deeper insight of each individual so persons can really see what they are getting themselves into before they make that dive.
#2: Compatibility is explored. Like background checks, compatibility tests are done to match individuals based on personality questions asked. You are given the choice to choose from that filter and it makes finding that special someone easy.
#1: Meet before you MEET! You are given the choice to really know someone via chats and even

video before you decide to explore the idea of an actual date.

Online dating is a great idea to explore for those who lead busy and hectic lives. It makes it easier and the results have shown that it  has been a success to healthy and sustainable relationships despite the negative criticisms.
Don’t knock it before you try it!
You very well could meet THE 1!
Plenty of Fish (POF)



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