Women were made beautiful! Despite the standards set by the media, women were created
by LOVE and to be loved and adored. Accordingly, a woman MUST possess these traits. 
CONFIDENCE. Confidence surpasses aesthetics. It gives persons a fair chance to sit back and watch you operate – how you speak, how you dress and how you handle life. Contrary to what some persons believe, confidence is in EVERYONE! It just needs to be unlocked. Always remember that no one is better than you despite their social status, where they live or what they drive. You are equal!
Witty! Every woman should have a light side to her personality where she can actually respond to jokes and actually be FUNNY!
Playful. It is okay to unleash that kid side to you and simply have a great time with your partner. It is okay to play Hide ‘n’ Seek and enjoy it as a 5 years old kid would.
Not too obsessed about fashion and make-up. Every man desires their lady to be well attired and glamorous but they also want someone who knows the time and place for everything. It is a major turn-off when all you think and talk about is fashion and makeup. Have something else to offer in conversation.

SPIRITUAL! Women must have God within the centre of their hearts. Women must rely totally on that spiritual side to be their comfort and strength. There is something magnetic and powerful about a woman who is in tune with that dimension of herself!
TRUSTWORTHY! Trust is important to ALL types of relationship. It is therefore a beautiful factor when a woman possesses a strong sensation of trust. When a man can put his trust in a woman, he will put his heart within her hand.
Down-To-Earth! Class is admirable in women but when it gets totally out of control, it is a major turn-off. Most men want a woman who can “reason with” or they can talk to like a friend or a pal and also  a woman who is incredibly sexy and irresistible! 

Femininity should always be encouraged but be kept in the balance!

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