Man was God’s greatest creation and He took pride when He created man. Accordingly, for a man to become an irresistible force, he has to ensure he activates that dimension by these traits.
He takes care of himself! A man that takes the time to ensure he is perfectly groomed is a magnet to women. A man should also ensure his health is a priority so it is a must to ensure gym time is laced within the busy schedule.
He got flare. A man that takes pride in how he is attired will

surely possess a strong sexual appeal. It is important for men to look their best as it reflects maturity and accentuates confidence and a man who knows who he truly is.

He smells MANLY!  It is important for men to invest in good scents. It is attractive and appealing and it makes man irresistible when there is a signature scent.
Affectionate.  A man who is in touch with his sensual side is an extremely sexy man. A man must be able to display affection to his woman which means he must be in touch with that side towards himself first.
Great listener. A man who listens is a man that will be in a great position to please his woman. If you listen, you will have all the information needed and with that information, there is no limit to where intimacy can and will go.
Comical.  A man that can make his woman laugh is a man that has power. There is something

alluring within a man that is comical that pulls women in a sensual manner.

Great sex appeal!  A man must be able to be sexy and must reflect sexiness in how gentle he is to the opposite sex and also how he manages his life. A man must be admirable which means he should ensure he is perfectly groomed, funny, intelligent, ensures he is a great listener and possesses a flare that is totally irresistible.

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