Money & Your Relationship!



 Finance is a deal-breaker in relationships. It can frustrate both partners which can ultimately result in a breakup.
Below are 3 MAJOR ways to manage your money within your relationship and prevent financial issues.
Relationship should never be unequal.
1. Talk about MONEY! Most couples are fearful to discuss finance as they believe that what their

partner earns is none of their business. I will say, if you are in a casual dating relationship, there is no need to discuss this but if you are in a committed relationship or a marriage – MONEY need to be talked about. This is highly important because both partners will be in a better position to make better decisions and hence create a healthier environment to nurture and grow the relationship.

2. “Meet in the CENTER!” Couples need to help each other carry financial burdens. It is TOTALLY unhealthy and unacceptable for a man to be earning more than his partner and not assist her or carry more of the financial responsibilities. Accordingly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman earning more than her man and she carries most of the responsibilities. This is not saying that the partner who earns more MUST run to every “beck & call”. But to fully enjoy a relationship, there must be joy and money can be a major issue in relationships if not managed.
3. Save together! Couples can make it a habit to have a bank account dedicated to their relationship and this is advised to those who are looking to purchase a house or preparing for a baby or to finance their child’s education. It is important to save when in a committed relationship as it glues the relationship tighter and it also forces the partners to exercise trust as you are basically investing and trusting your partner to do the same. It is also a safety-net should any partner run low on cash and also a means to deal with urgent matters that can arise.


Finance is a very important topic that needs to be talked about within relationship as it is a sure way to eliminate financial problems and ultimately prevent breakups.




One thought on “Money & Your Relationship!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kesihanna,
    This will definitely help me as me and my partner having some financial problems. I am making more money but he is feeling less of a man because I am taking care of our kids and some of the bills. I will share this with him and hopefully things will change.



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